Nina Dobrev Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €66 million
Age: 33
Born: 01/09/1989
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Source of Wealth: actress
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

The beautiful Nina Dobrev is best known for her starring role in the American television series The Vampire Diaries. After she left in 2017, the Los Angeles-based actress devoted herself to other film and TV projects.

early life

Nina Dobrev was born on January 9, 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria. When Nina was two years old, she moved with her family to Toronto, Canada, where she grew up. Her father is a computer specialist and her mother is an artist. The actress has an older brother whose name is Aleksandar.

Dobrev attended Vradenburg Junior Public School as well as JB Tyrrell Sr. Public School. Even while she was still at school, young Nina was interested in various areas of art. She took courses in dance, gymnastics and drama and took acting classes at Armstrong Acting Studios in Toronto.


While Nina Dobrev was taking acting classes at Armstrong Acting Studios, she was spotted by some agencies. As a result, she got some appearances as a model and was booked for smaller commercials. After graduating from high school, Dobrev began studying sociology. However, Dobrev didn’t graduate as she preferred to focus on her acting career, which really took off while she was in college. Young Nina made her first appearance in a feature film in “By Her Side” from 2006. However, she only played a very small role there. The actress became known to a larger audience through productions such as “Never Cry Werewolf” or “Chloe”.

However, Dobrev achieved her final acting breakthrough in 2009 with one of the leading roles in the American television series “Vampire Diaries”. In this series she played the roles of “Elena Gilbert” and Katherine Pierce until 2017. The series became an international hit and Dobrev became a real star.

After leaving the vampire series, Dobrev starred alongside Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson in the film xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. In the same year she starred in the strip “Flatliners”. She starred alongside actress Ellen Page in this remake. The actress is also currently working on many exciting projects.

In addition, she is still a volunteer in various organizations that fight poverty in various districts of Pennsylvania, among other things, or are committed to breast cancer organizations.

Career highlights

The highlight of Nina Dobrev’s career so far is certainly her leading role in “The Vampire Diaries”. This role not only brought Nina international fame, but also brought in a handsome salary. Her fame opened countless new doors for the pretty actress with Bulgarian roots. In addition, the actress has won many awards for her work, including several Teen Choice Awards and several People’s Choice Awards. Her success also gives her the opportunity to do voluntary work.

Famous quotes

“Exercising gives me endorphins and energy. I do it four days a week”.

Nina Dobrev is a very sporty person who is always trying out new sports. So it’s no wonder that the well-toned actress works out four times a week. Diving, football, gymnastics or yoga. Nina Dobrev is very versatile in terms of sport and is not limited to one sport.

tips for success

A professional work attitude and a positive view of things are very important to the actress Nina Dobrev. She is ambitious but at the same time has her feet on the ground. She enjoys learning and is not afraid to try new things. This open and life-affirming attitude has certainly contributed to Nina Dobrev’s great success as an actress and thus also to her considerable Net Worth.

Estimated value: €66 million