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How much money does Ninja have?

Including all currently known sources, this amounts to estimated net worth of ninja around $30 million. His annual net income is estimated to be at least $10 million.

According to their own statements he generated one in 2018 Sales of more than $10,000,000 alone through Twitch. If you still count the Youtube advertising revenue, sponsorships, merchandising and revenue from the Fortnite “Support-a-Creator” code one, there will probably be several million more.

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Ninja (Fortnite Streamers)
Ninja (Streamers)

Ninja (bourgeois Richard Tyler Blevins) was born on June 5, 1991 in Lake Villa, Illinois. He is known to most people as “the most successful and biggest streamer in the world”: On the live streaming platform, which he recently left, his Follower count over 14,000,000on Youtube he has the current status 17,000,000 subscribers. According to numerous media (including Forbes Magazine), he is said to earn a total of around 500,000 to 1 million US dollars per month through gaming live streams. [Quelle]

The beginnings of his career date back to 2009 where he mainly played the game Halo and appeared in a few larger Halo events. He was even one of the best players in the world at the time. He then gained more and more fame for his live streams and YouTube videos year after year.

In March 2018 he started a live stream with the two rappers Drake and Travis Scott, which was broadcast on All-time record of over 600,000 viewers (previous record was 388,000 spectators). This event also received enormous attention in the media. Through this stream alone, 15,000 new fans followed him.

Cover Photo - NinjaAbout 3 months later, in June 2018, he signed one Partnership with Red Bull eSports. The official Ninja gamer profile can be found here. In September of the same year, he became the first eSports player in the world to be on the cover of ESPN magazine. To the NetWorth Magazine according to him currently 15 employees including Personal Assistants, Social Media & PR Managers. He currently lives with his wife in a 7,000 square foot house in Chicago.

Million deal for change: Ninja leaves Twitch

On August 1, 2019, Ninja released a statement that he was leaving The reason: the new streaming platform from Microsoft “Mixer” negotiated a multi-million dollar deal with the streamer so he could stream on Mixer from now on.

Although no official information is known about the exact amount of the deal, given its enormous reach, one can assume that one Amount between $10,000,000 and $20,000,000 go out.

Interesting side facts:

  • Ninja’s first live stream on “Mixer” was with 76,000 spectators even far more successful than his streams on the former platform Twitch. [Quelle]
  • Twitch has the former Account disabled by Ninja. If you give now on, you can no longer access your profile, but receive suggestions from other Fortnite streamers.

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