Olaf Malolepski net worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2 million
Age: 76
Born: 03/27/1946
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: crooner
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Olaf Malolepski is a German pop singer who rose to fame as a member of The Flippers. The exact extent of his Net Worth is unknown. However, Malolepski should not have earned badly, especially since he is one of the most successful pop singers of all time. He sold more than 40 million records and attracted hundreds of thousands of fans to his concerts. His 64 gold and platinum awards speak for themselves.

early life

Olaf Malolepski grew up in Pforzheim. His mother worked in a hairdressing salon in Karlsruhe. He took his first steps on stage at the age of fourteen.

In the course of his youth he changed bands again and again and worked on his musical skills. So school and training receded more and more into the background.

After all, a toolmaker degree didn’t stop him from taking the most important step in his career in 1967. It consisted of joining the “Dancing Show Band” that later became “The Flippers” in 1969.


With a new name, the “Flippers” had their first success in 1971 with “Don’t cry, little Eva”, a song that is still very popular with pop fans today. Subsequent singles, Just With You Alone and Sha La La, I Love You, continued to grow the Pinball fan base.

The “Flippers” paved the way for the release of their first long-playing record, which conquered the charts in 1970 under the title “Die Flippers”. It was the prelude to the successful 1970s, in which the “Flippers” became one of the most sought-after hit bands in Germany.

At the end of the 1970s, the first heyday of “pinball” came to an end. While Malolepski always remained loyal to the band, numerous changes in the cast were made. In the end, a trio remained, which also included Malolepski. The producers were also changed several times in the hope of being able to build on old successes.

In fact, the band made a comeback in 1985 with the album “Tears Fall on Red Roses”, for which they received their first gold record. The year 1986 was all about the super hit “Die rote Sonne von Barbados”, which conquered the ZDF hit parade.

From 1988, the “Flippers” began annual tours, during which they filled the largest halls in the republic. The Flippers gave their last tour in 2011.

Since then, the tireless Malolepski has been on the road as a solo artist. His debut solo album, A Thousand Red Roses, went gold. The second album, Wenn der Ankerfallen, also made it into the top ten.

The year 2014 was also successful, although the record “I’ll do it like the sundial” “only” ended up in eleventh place in the German charts. However, Malolepski was not to do this again on the three subsequent records. Both “You are like champagne – Only the best for the anniversary” (2016), as well as “Thumbs up” (2017) and “A thousand times yes” (2018) made it into the top ten.

Career highlights

Olaf Malolepski’s career can be divided into three particularly successful phases: the big breakthrough in the 1970s, the big comeback in the 1980s and the incredible success as a solo artist, with which he proves what a great contribution he made to the achieved the success of the “Flippers”.

Famous quotes

“That’s what I’m here for. That people who have a hard job don’t have to constantly think about the whole world in their free time. They can listen to my music, have a drink and just have a nice evening.”

“It’s nice when you’re recognized.”

Amazing Facts

Malolepski has been a member of the charity initiative “Schlagerstars für Kinder” since 2018.

At the end of the 1970s, when the “Flippers” threatened to disappear from the scene, Malolepski temporarily worked as a tennis coach. He also studied classical guitar, harmony and music history for his musical education

Estimated value: €2 million