Ottfried Fischer Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €3 million
Age: 68
Born: 11/07/1953
Country of origin: Bavaria
Source of Wealth: actor
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

The size of Ottfried Fischer’s Net Worth cannot be precisely quantified. What is certain is that he was one of the best-paid German actors and cabaret artists when he was active. He received a fee of 200,000 euros for an episode of the cult series “Der Bulle von Tölz”.

His trademarks included a keen sense of humor and an oversized waistline that exuded Bavarian coziness.

early life

Ottfried Fischer grew up isolated on a farm in the Bavarian Forest. His father came from Paderborn and owned a fish shop in Gelsenkirchen before he married Fischer’s mother and moved to Bavaria.

Fischer was a student at the Maristengymnasium in Fürstenzell near Passau. Even then he was popular with his classmates as a solo entertainer. After graduating from high school, his father initially motivated him to study law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, which was short-lived. After dropping out of his law studies, Fischer concentrated on his career as a cabaret artist.


Fischer had his first success in 1983 when he became part of the cabaret television show “My guests and I”. As a solo artist, he made a name for himself for the first time in 1989 with the stage program “It’s difficult”. The second solo tour “Was tun” followed in 1994.

In the meantime, Fischer’s roles in hit series such as “Irgenwie und Sowieso” made him popular with television audiences, who initially came mainly from Bavaria. It was only through the series “Zur Freiheit” that he became known throughout Germany.

So he was soon able to look forward to offers for roles in feature films. As in the cult films “Go Trabi Go” or “Der Superstau”, his roles often had a comedic character.

In 1995, Fischer’s success in front of the camera culminated in the home crime series “Der Bulle von Tölz”, which was very popular with the public until 2009. Ultimately, the series was discontinued because of Fischer’s Parkinson’s disease, which he made public in 2008.

After the shock diagnosis, Fischer limited himself to occasional cabaret appearances and the role of Pastor Braun, in which he was seen on ARD until 2014.

Career highlights

The highlight of Fischer’s career was the leading role in the cult series “Der Bulle von Tölz”. As Commissioner Benno Berghammer, he convicted criminals and embodied Bavarian folklore in an inimitable way. In addition, Fischer never missed an opportunity to loosen up the crime story with cabaret interludes.

Fischer himself said that in the series he had succeeded in “squaring the entertainment circle” in “having a high level of acceptance, from unskilled workers to university professors.”

In 1997 he was honored with the “Golden Gong” for his role as Benno Berghammer. He also received gold Romy awards for Favorite Male Series Star in 1989, 2001, 2002 and 2004.

Famous quotes

“The fact that I’ve become a successful person is also because I’ve forced myself to do something better because of a certain obesity and a feeling of unattractiveness.”

“I’m not the classic playboy. The women always came to me. I tend to be the closed one who never notices anything and only understands years later that something could have worked. Maybe a little puberty trauma. If you’re overweight during puberty, you think you don’t stand a chance with women anyway. That’s a mistake, that’s all I can say to all fat people.”

“The Bavarian as such is a bit schizophrenic, which you can see from the fact that he gets terribly upset when a politician enriches himself, but then immediately says: “Bläd wara, wannas ned dad, I dads ja a”!

Amazing Facts

In 2014, a “Bull von Tölz” museum opened in Bad Tölz, and Fischer was present at the inauguration. In addition, the Tölz spa administration gives guided tours to the various film locations, which is advertised as “bull pilgrims”. In the meantime, a separate travel guide entitled “On the tracks of the bull” has been published

Despite his financial rise, Fischer remained true to his left-wing views throughout his life. He supported the red-green government in the 2005 federal election campaign. He also took part in events organized by the European Left

Estimated value: €3 million