P Diddy Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €770 million
Age: 52
Born: 11/04/1969
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Rapper, Singer, Actor, Entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

P. Diddy (real name: Sean John Combs), also known as “Diddy, Sean John, Puff Daddy, Puffy, Swag, Love, Brother Love”, is one of the TOP 3 richest rappers in the world. He owes this status not only to his rap career. He also works as a music producer, actor, entrepreneur and fashion designer. He owns his own fashion brand “Sean John” and has been the owner of the British premium vodka brand “Ciroc” since 2007.

early life

Sean Combs was born on November 4, 1969 in New York (Harlem). When he was 5 years old, his father was murdered. From that point on, his mother had to raise him alone. Sean was focused on success from a young age. He started delivering newspapers when he was 12, but was technically too young for that. The solution: he gave 25% of his earnings to a student who had a license and delivered the newspapers under his name. That’s how he made up to $500 a week.

He later attended the Saint Michael Academy. One of the best New York high schools with a focus on football. At the same time, he began attending hip-hop parties and saw the great potential of this genre of music.


Diddy had a talent for dancing. He used this to get roles in music videos. In 1988 he began studying business administration at Howard University, which he dropped out of again two years later due to his success. In the same year he also got an internship with the then very successful record label “Uptown Records”. There he quickly worked his way up from coffee-fetching intern to artist manager.

In his spare time, he organized hip-hop parties, some of which attracted over 1,000 visitors. These extremely well organized events brought Puff Daddy in earnings of $3-4000 per week. He also worked as an assistant in production.

His career with Uptwon Records was exemplary. At the age of 23 he became the label’s “Vice-President”. At the same time he opened his own record company “Bad Boy”.

Among his artists was the world-famous rapper “The notorious BIG” whose album “Life after death” is one of the most successful hip-hop albums of all time. This was produced by none other than Puff Daddy himself. To date, the record has sold well over 6 million copies.

In July 1997 Sean John released his first and most successful album “No way out”.

The release was number one on the US album charts for 66 weeks. In Germany it climbed to number two. In Austria and Switzerland it again got the first place and stayed there for up to 18 weeks. Overall, the album went 15x platinum, 8x gold and sold nearly 9 million copies.

From 1999-2010 Diddy released the 4 studio albums Forever, The Saga Continues, Press Play and Last Train to Paris. With these productions he got 2x platinum, 21x gold and 89x silver. Overall, the four albums were not sold as often as “No way out” and therefore could not build on the success. But that didn’t bother the determined entrepreneur, because he had plenty of other sources of income at his disposal.

His filmography alone would have secured him the necessary income. The all-rounder appeared in five episodes of various series, got roles in seven films and was involved in the hit MTV show “Making the Band”.

Career highlights

In March 1997, BIG, who was also a close friend of Sean’s, was murdered.

Shortly thereafter, on May 27, 1997, Fr. Diddy released the single “I’ll be missing you” in memory of his late friend. The song is still considered one of the best-selling singles.

Diddy was number one in the charts in 18 countries, staying at the top for up to 10 weeks in some countries.

’97 the track received an MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARD for Best R&B Video.

98 even a Grammy for the best rap performance. The song has been certified 27 times platinum and has sold over 10 million copies.

Famous quotes

  • “Success doesn’t just land in your lap. You have to work, work, work, work and some more work”
  • “I want to have cultural influence. I want to be an inspiration to show people what’s possible”
  • “I started to go my own way at a young age. When I saw how you can serve people, do a good job and get paid for it, I always wanted to be the best. And that in everything I did, no matter what”

Amazing Facts

In 1999 Diddy was a guest at a New York disco with his then girlfriend “Jennifer Lopez”. A shootout ensued in which the businessman was involved.

A criminal case followed in which “Brother Love” was charged with illegal possession of a weapon. He was threatened with 15 years in prison. The well-known lawyer Johnnie Cochran made sure that he was acquitted despite the burden of proof.

Estimated value: €770 million