Pakistan among the countries allowed limited flight operations to Beijing

Pakistan among the countries allowed limited flight operations to Beijing

The passengers will be subject to two coronavirus tests and a two-week-long quarantine on arrival

China will allow a limited number of flights to Beijing from countries where coronavirus has been largely contained. The flights will be the first to land in the Chinese capital in almost five months. The travelers, however, will be subject to a 14 day quarantine on arrival and will need to take two coronavirus tests.

The countries that have been allowed to operate flights include Pakistan, Thailand, Cambodia, Greece, Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Canada, all of which have had low number of COVID-19 cases in recent months. Pakistan’s new coronavirus cases have been less than 500 a day for several weeks. A few days back, the number fell below 300 for a few days as well.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in a statement gave the information about the resumption of the flight operations to Beijing. However, the statement did not clarify if the people travelling to Beijing will need to be nationals of these eight countries as well or not.

“Starting September 3, international passenger flights to Beijing, which previously had their entry points diverted, will gradually resume,” the statement read.

Chinese authorities may re-impose restrictions in case of coronavirus cases coming through these flights. Those travelling to Beijing have been travelling to other cities before being quarantined. Once they were cleared, they would then travel to the capital city of China.

The conditions in China are returning to normal. Educational institutions have opened in Wuhan, the central Chinese city where the virus first appeared. Only eight cases were reported in the entire country a couple days back. However, the precautions taken at the end of Chinese authorities are understandable as they do not want the infection coming to China from other countries.  

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