Pakistan and Egypt begin joint military exercise

Pakistan and Egypt begin joint military exercise

The exercise to further improve defense ties between Pakistan and Egypt

Pakistan and Egypt began first joint air defense exercise “Sky Guard -1” 2021 on May 26, 2021, in Cairo, Egypt . 

The two weeks long joint exercise is aimed to bolster the military cooperation between two countries in face of existing and emerging threats in the air domain.

The exercise will focus on greater integration, interoperability, synergy, information gathering, decision-making of air defense tentacles to generate a comprehensive response against multiple hostile air threats in battle, according to ISPR.

The Guardian of the Sky -1 exercise is held to improve the experience-sharing and capacities of two countries’ armed forces in the context of cordial relations between Egypt and Pakistan, said Egyptian armed forces’ spokesman Col. Tamer al-Refai.

The participating troops will exchange operational drills and procedures to meet the future battlefield environment.

Lieutenant General Muhammad Chirag Haider, Director General Joint Staff Headquarters witnessed the opening ceremony. Egyptian Chief of Air Def, Major General Mohamed Hagezy Abdel Mawgoud along with other military officials from both countries were present.

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