Pakistan Army appoints first three-star woman general

Pakistan Army appoints first three-star woman general

Nigar Johar is also appointed as the surgeon general of Pakistan

Maj. Gen. Nigar Johar will be the first female Lieutenant General in Pakistan Army after being promoted, according to a statement issued by ISPR. She also becomes the first female Surgeon General in Pakistan and has been the commandant of Military Hospital (MH) Rawalpindi.

Johar, who belongs to Pak Army’s medical corp, is the third female who achieved the rank of major general. She joined Army Medical College back in 1981.

Johar belongs to the Panj Pir area in Swabi District in KPK. She is the first three-star general from Swabi although a number of generals hail from the district. Her father was a Colonel and one of her uncles was also in the military. Her parents perished in a car accident some thirty years back.   

A number of political leader congratulated Nigar Johar on her achievement and breaking yet another so called glass ceiling.

Women have been an important part of Pakistan’s armed forces. Traditionally, they were associated with the technical corps. such as medical corp. However, in recent times, the induction of officers in army and air force in the battle-related departments is also open. Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world with female fighter pilots.

30 female officers are also serving on UN Missions around the globe. Recently, their efforts were applauded by Amina J Mohammad, the Deputy Secretary-General. Major Fauzia Parween was the first Pakistani female peacekeeper on a UN mission.

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