Pakistan Army inducts indigenous Al Khalid-I tanks

Pakistan Army inducts indigenous Al Khalid-I tanks

The tanks have enhanced capabilities perfect to gain the upper hand in the battlefield

Pakistan Army inducted Al Khalid-I, an upgraded version of the original Al Khalid tank, into the Armored Corps Regiment. The ceremony took place at the Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT), Pakistan’s biggest state-owned manufacturing enterprise.  Chief of Army Staff Gen. Javed Qamar Bajwa was the chief guest at the occasion.

Gen. Bajwa reaffirmed Pakistan’s stance of maintaining peace. He also reiterated that any misadventure against the nation will be responded with an iron fist. “Our defense preparation and operational readiness are to ensure peace within and peace without. However, if provoked we shall respond and respond with all our might,” he said.

King of the Battlefield

The upgraded version of the tank is considered as the “king of the battlefield” by many experts. The tanks were built in partnership with China and Ukraine. The tanks are equipped with Driver Digital Panel and Thermal Imaging. The tank also has the ability to withstand nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks.

The tank has enhanced Muzzle Reference System, Solid State Auto Loader, Improved Radiation Detector, and independent and effective command and control system for deeper and long-distance operations.

Timely Upgrade

Battle preparedness is crucial for any military force. The relations between Pakistan and India have been sour for a while now. With its ultra-rightwing Hindu nationalist government, the Indian Army has been showing aggressive designs for a couple of years now.

With an upgrade in tanks, Pakistan will further enhance its capabilities in the battlefield. Better equipment not only helps the country during the fight but also deters any ill designs that the enemy may be harboring. The technological superiority in defense is paramount and cannot be emphasized enough.

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