Pakistan Army receives 6 Cessna aircraft from US

Pakistan Army receives 6 Cessna aircraft from US

Cessna 208 Caravan accommodates up to 14 people and a load of 1,593kg.

Pakistan Army has received six new Cessna aircraft, two Cessna 208 Caravan and four Cessna T-206H from the United States, according to the US Office of Defense Representative.

In April 2016, the US Department of Defence had announced it had issued a $14.9 million, fixed-price contract to Cessna Aircraft Company for making two Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX aircraft and four Cessna T-206H Stationair aircraft for Pakistan.

The above mentioned contract included sustainment support and associated training.

Since November 2016, the Pakistan Army has received six Cessna planes:  two Cessna 208 Caravans and four Cessna 206H aircraft.

The aircraft will increase Pakistan Army’s air mobility by enhancing its ability to conduct medical evacuations and provide limited troop and equipment transport.

Each aircraft comes with a 24-month sustainment package, including spares, tooling, and support equipment.

It accommodates up to 14 people and a load of 1,593kg. The T206H Stationair is a smaller aircraft for six people and can take a load of 581kg.

The Grand Caravan EX, first shown at the Paris Airshow in 2015, is equipped with a surveillance console, medical stretcher, lightweight seats and stowable utility seat.

The statement issued from the Office of Pakistan Army Aviation Corps told that the Caravan and the Stationair aircraft will be configured for medical evacuation.

The Pakistan Army Aviation Corps thanked America in a press release for the “generous contribution” of Cessna aircraft, “American security assistance continues to build the counter-terrorism capabilities of Pakistan’s security forces.”

“The US and Pakistan are stronger when we work together to combat terrorism,” the statement added.

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