Pakistan, Iran agree to support Afghan-led inclusive political settlement

Pakistan, Iran agree to support Afghan-led inclusive political settlement

Pakistan, Iran agree to boost existing cooperation particularly in its economic dimension

Pakistan and Iran have agreed to facilitate an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned political settlement in the war-torn country.

Prime Minister Imran on Sunday telephoned Iran President-elect Ebrahim Raisi and expressed concern over the worsening security situation in Afghanistan, according to a statement issued by the PM Office,

Imran Khan and warned that the latest developments could have serious repercussions for both Pakistan and Iran. Khan cautioned that any unrest in Afghanistan would result in an influx of refugees towards the bordering areas of the two countries.

Since May 1 when the US and Nato forces started pulling out their troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban have captured 69 of the country’s 407 districts. The Taliban now hold 142 districts and are fighting for control of about 170 more, according to the Long War Journal.

The rapid gains of the militant group have sparked fears of another cycle of civil war in the war-torn country, a scenario which may result in a new influx of refugees in the neighboring countries, particularly Pakistan and Iran.

The prime minister strongly underscored the imperative of a negotiated political solution to the conflict in Afghanistan. The two leaders emphasized the need to continue facilitating an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned inclusive political settlement.

Pakistan, Iran agreed to boost existing cooperation

The two leaders also agreed to further enhance existing cooperation between Pakistan and Iran, especially in its economic dimension.

Khan and Raisi expressed satisfaction at the upward trajectory of bilateral relations. It was affirmed that the establishment of border sustenance markets along Pakistan-Iran border would yield economic and social benefits for the people of both countries. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan had telephoned Raisi to congratulate him on his victory in the presidential elections held on June 18, the statement said. Khan said the June-18 polls were a manifestation of the Iranian people’s trust in Raisi’s leadership.

It was agreed to maintain high-level exchanges, with both leaders extending invitations to each other to pay official visits.

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