Pakistan marks the second anniversary of Operation Swift Retort with renewed vigor

Pakistan marks the second anniversary of Operation Swift Retort with renewed vigor

Two years ago, Pakistan hit six targets in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and downed two Indian jets

Pakistan marked the second anniversary of the Operation Swift Retort with a renewed vigor to protect the motherland and not allow anyone violate its territorial integrity. On this day two years ago, Pakistan retaliated to an unprovoked Indian attack the previous day, hitting six marked targets closed to military installations in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. PAF also downed two Indian Air Force (IAF) jets, arresting one of the surviving pilots. India falsely claimed it downed a Pakistani F-16 jet which was denied by Pakistan as well as the U.S. and independent experts. India’s strike at Balakot merely hit a few trees in a jungle.

Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force at an event in Islamanad reiterated that Pakistan will not allow anyone to disturb its territorial sovereignty. “We want to live in peace but if our sovereignty is challenged, our response would always be Swift and Resolute as it was on 27 February, 2019,” Khan said.

“Pakistan is confronted with varied challenges including a Hybrid War, which demands our enhanced commitment and vigilance. PAF endeavors to augment its capability in all spectrums of operations while pursuing modernization through indigenous efforts,” he added.

The strikes on Feb 27

After the Balakot jungle bombing, PAF struck back the next day when PAF entered the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and struck six different targets. The targets were close to important military installments, though none of the installations were actually hit. The purpose of hitting these targets was to send a message that the Indian installation can be hit at any time. Indian jets chased Pakistani planes but were hit once they entered Pakistan’s airspace. Wing Commander Abhi Nandan was caught after his Mig21 crashed in Pakistan. He was treated with respect and as per the international conventions for prisoners of war. His clip praising the Pakistani tea has since been immortalized. Abhi Nandan was released after a few days in Pakistan’s custody as a gesture of goodwill.

The aftermath

The attack in Balakot was a political stunt to win the general elections. Despite failure at an epic level, BJP was still able to keep its government with the help of nonstop propaganda from various media outlets. India, however, failed to take an upper hand militarily and now fully understands that any misadventure will be paid back in full from Pakistan’s side.

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