Pakistan presents a dossier of Indian involvement in terrorism to UN Secretary-General

Pakistan presents a dossier of Indian involvement in terrorism to UN Secretary-General

Pakistan has asked the UN to take actions against India based on the UN charter in light of the evidence

Pakistan’s permanent representative in the United Nations (UN) Munir Akram handed over a dossier containing Indian sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Akram demanded that the UN takes appropriate actions and stop India’s illegal activities against Pakistan. He added that Pakistan has the right to respond against aggression in its defense. Guterres said that he would study the dossier, and action will be taken accordingly.

Press Conference at Pakistan’s Mission

Afterward, Akram held a press conference on Pakistan’s mission and gave details to the media. He said that he urged the UN Secretary-General to act on the evidence as per the UN charter. He also said that the international community needs to be active in cooling down the situation as a potential conflict between the two nuclear-armed nations cannot be overlooked.  

“There is a complacency because there has been a deterrence between India and Pakistan since the 1998 nuclear tests,” Akram said.

“But the situation may not remain as stable as people assume because of India’s involvement in terrorist activities against Pakistan,” he warned. “That’s why Pakistan wants the international community not to ignore the threat of a potential conflict between two nuclear-armed states.”

“We have urged the secretary-general to play his role in persuading India to halt its terror and subversive campaign against Pakistan,” he said.

Terrorism sponsorship by India

Pakistan suffered from severe terrorism between 2007 and 2014. More than 80,000 precious lives were lost, and hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure was lost. Terrorist outfits such as TTP and BLA received support from the Indian government to create unrest in Pakistan. India also used its consulates on the Pakistan Afghanistan borders for its nefarious designs. It is high time that the international community stops these Indian actions and brings them to justice.

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