Pakistan ranked 89 in the internet speed test report by Ookla

Pakistan ranked 89 in the internet speed test report by Ookla

India was ranked as 109th in its November edition of speed test Global Index

Pakistan has been ranked 89th in the mobile internet network by Ookla, a widespread speed testing company.

Ookala released its November edition of speed test Global Index. Out of 122 countries, Pakistan ranked 89th while our neighbour India was ranked as 109th.

Ookla evaluates the speed test of the internet in all countries. Norway had the fastest mobile internet having the speed of 62.66 Mbps while in broadband technology, Singapore is a step ahead with the fastest speed of 153.85 Mbps.

In Pakistan, the mobile internet network has gone through massive change owing to the launch of 3G and 4G in past few years.

Mobile internet speed is 13.08 Mbps in Pakistan and is dragged down three positions from its previous one making it 89th country having this speed while in broadband speed test Pakistan has 6.13 Mbps, ranked at 122nd position in the world.

This report revealed the list of countries mobile internet speed. China has 31.22 Mbps, Sirilanka has 9.32 Mbps, while India has 8.80 Mbps enlisted as 109th ranked.

People in the world, are supporting the growth of technology including the mobile network. Since the past decades, Pakistan also had a quick improvement in the mobile internet network. Even now, Pakistan is getting in the race of advanced technologies and come across with 3G and 4G internet to its users. Prior to this, users were using only 2G technologies which have slow downloading and surfing speed.

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