Pakistan ranks 4th on top freelancer countries list

Pakistan ranks 4th on top freelancer countries list

India is leading the list of total freelance workers, followed by Bangladesh and United States

Freelancing – an easy way of earning and money making using your skills and expertise in the online business world and became a great source of income at home.

Pakistan has become top fourth country having the highest number of online freelancers, who makes healthy income while working from home.

The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) has recently published a report named ‘Online Labour Index’ from 1-6 July 2017, showing the online gig economy – what skills are offered by what countries, the supply and demand of labors – using real time data from four of biggest freelancing platforms including Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru and People Per Hour.

We’ve all been hearing the progress being made in the freelancing sector by Pakistan. The report published by OOI sheds more light on this.

In ‘Top Occupation by Country’, Pakistan is placed at 4th position overall in the ‘Software Development and Technology’ category.

Pakistan is ranked fourth in the list, below India (24%), Bangladesh (16%) and the United States (12%). It means that Pakistan is home to 8.5-9% of the overall freelance workers, as depicted by the report.

Philippines, UK, and Canada are next in the list. India is the global leader in the Software Development and Technology services with a staggering 13% market share, whereas Pakistan commands 3% of the market share. Overall, the subcontinent provides a startling 55% of the Software Development and Technology Services.

Pakistan ranks 4th on top freelancer countries list

In the workers by region list, Asia dominates the global market, with a mammoth 60.5% percent of market share, whereas Europe is ranked 2nd, North America is 3rd, and Africa, South America, and Oceania are placed 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

Six of the biggest occupational categories were used for the classification of countries and regions. The categories are:

  • Software Development and Technology
  • Creative and Multimedia
  • Writing and Translation
  • Clerical and Data Entry
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Professional Services (Accounting, Legal Services, and Business Consulting)

The categories are listed in order of the demand in the global market, published in another report by the OII.

However, for the most freelancers, a big barrier to reaching the immense potential of online freelancing is the lack of literacy – both digital and conventional. Digitally literate online freelancers can operate even outside such centres with their smartphones.

Therefore, providing basic digital literacy in schools age is even more important. It will help not only online freelancing, but other e-commerce activities.

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Sayyar Gul is doing his MS Computational Sciences & Engineering from National University of Science and Technology. He is technology enthusiast with keen interest in new technological developments from around the world.


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