Pakistan to produce 30% of electricity through renewable sources by 2030

Pakistan to produce 30% of electricity through renewable sources by 2030

Pakistan is currently generating 1,235 MWs through wind energy

Pakistan aims to generate at least 30% of its electricity through renewable sources by 2030.

These sources include biomass, the solar, wind, and small hydro projects. Large scale hydropower projects account for a total of 27% of the country’s power production. Greater use of renewable energy can also help the country overcome its issues with electricity shortage.

Pakistan has an installed wind power capacity of 1,235 MW. 450 MWs, or 36% of the total capacity, comes from 271 GE Renewable Energy wind turbines installed in nine different facilities. As per research conducted a few years back, Pakistan may have a wind power generation capacity of up to 100,000 MW.

General Electric’s (GE) Renewable Energy Services Manager Fawwad Haq believes that the future of energy is in renewable sources. They not only generate energy but without the carbon emissions.

“Renewable energy is the future. With global warming happening, it’s good to say you’re working in the renewables business,” said Haq. “We are producing clean energy but not CO2 at these plants, so we’re giving people a better, cleaner type of energy,” he added.

Haq also feels that renewables will be grasping a larger chunk of market share in the near future. “The way things are going, renewables will capture a larger share of energy generation in the years to come, not only Pakistan but in the rest of the world as well,” Haq said.

Typically, GE has its wind farms in Pakistan’s desert regions where the temperatures can top 40 degrees Celsius during summers. Fawwad manages over 50 wind turbine technicians that undertake maintenance activities of hundreds of turbines at the nine wind farms.

Generally, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting are required for wind turbines. The same team can look after both the mechanical and the electric aspects of wind turbines. A technician may have to climb up to heights like 80 meters which can be a challenge, especially during the hot summers.

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