Pakistani students win bronze medal in International Chemistry Olympiad

Pakistani students win bronze medal in International Chemistry Olympiad

HEC sent Maaha Ayub along with three other students to 49th International Chemistry Competition

Pakistan is swelling with talent and we should be proud of these young and educated guns. These brilliant students are rich assets of Pakistan’s future.

A team from Pakistan, comprised of four most talented students was sent to compete against 297 students of chemistry subject around the world including United States, China and Russia were among participants from 75 countries.

International Chemistry Olympiad is an annual competition for the world’s most talented chemistry students at the secondary school level, its website says.

International Chemistry competition was held at Thailand, from July 6-15 this year after which the results were announced. Maaha was one of the few girls among hundreds, who had gathered from across the globe, to win the bronze for Pakistan.

Maaha Ayub, who made whole nation proud by winning the bronze medal in 49th International Chemistry Olympiad in Thailand, is A-Levels student at Lyceum School Karachi.

Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Institute of Chemistry sent Maaha along with other three student delegation to Thailand competition after conducted a test in which hundreds of students participated.

“The competition was more than just exams. It was, above all, an opportunity for all of us to interact with people from different countries and cultures,” Maaha Ayub recalled her experience.

“The experience was an amazing one and helped foster many international friendships, and promoted a positive image of Pakistan worldwide,” Maaha added.

Having won the competition and making the nation proud, Maaha advised other students to take this on themselves to participate in such events for bringing pride to the country.

“I would like to take this opportunity to encourage every science student to participate in this as the opportunity to represent Pakistan on a global level is a huge one and everyone should at least give it a try,” she said.

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