Pakistani, Turkish Special Forces conduct ‘Ataturk XI’ joint exercises

Pakistani, Turkish Special Forces conduct ‘Ataturk XI’ joint exercises

The three weeks long exercises focusing on counter-terrorism and closed quarter battle is being carried out in Terbela this year

Turkish Special Forces and Pakistan’s SSG troops are holding a 3 weeks long joint exercise called Ataturk-XI 2021. The exercise, which started on February 4th and will continue until February 20th, will focus on counter-terrorism, close quarter battle, cordon and search, rappelling, fire and move techniques, and helicopter rappelling, compound clearance, hostage and rescue and free fall operations.

The Turkey-Pakistan Joint Commando and Special Forces Exercise began in 1998 and both countries host it alternatively. The exercise is named ‘Jinnah Exercise’ when it is carried out in Turkey, and ‘Atatürk Exercise’ when performed in Pakistan. The exercise aims to develop mutual cooperation and interoperability between the units of the Turkish and Pakistan Armed Forces.

Pakistan and Turkey have maintained brotherly relations from the very start and continue to support each other on various international platforms. These exercises are just one of the many ventures carried out jointly by the two countries.  

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