Pakistanis went crazy on Twitter to reduce the price of a PS4

Pakistanis went crazy on Twitter to reduce the price of a PS4

Yayvo introduces #WhatThePrice campaign first time in Pakistab

Yayvo reduced the price of the awesome PS4 by almost 50% on August 4 and Pakistanis went on a Twitter frenzy to grab the deal.

Yayvo announced a one-of-a-kind campaign #WhatThePrice in Pakistan based on the concept of ‘Social Price Drop through retweeting’. This simply means every retweet of its #WhatThePrice tweet would bring down the price of a particular item.

The campaign continued on Twitter on August 4, when customers took to Twitter to reduce the price of PS4.

As soon as the word got out, many Pakistanis joined the bandwagon to bring the price unbelievably low!

People were really excited about the amazing deal.

Thanks to the Twitterati, the price of the PS4 worth Rs 32,500 was brought down to Rs 16,900. 

The campaign went live from 11 AM to 5 PM, and the PS4 would now be available for purchase on the final reduced price between 6 PM to 11 PM today, August 4, 2017.

If you have missed the offer, no worries at all. Because Yayvo is now considering a second round of campiagn soon. So keep your fingers crossed.

How #WhatThePrice campaign works?

By definition, #WhatThePrice is “More the people will tweet about this campaign on Twitter, the price of the selected product will be reduced depending on the no of tweets by the people.” The idea behind #WhatThePrice is to giving price control back into the hands of the shopper. They will decide the new price of the product by performing this social activity on Twitter.

Everyone wishes about buying the product at their desired price. Now all you need is to just tweet about #WhatThePrice tweet, and the product’s price will be automatically reduced at the lowest price. Remember! You can tweet only for once about #WhatThePrice but, you can take help of your friends for lowering the price by with their tweets.

You can subscribe for the next #WhatThePrice offer here.

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