Pakistan’s first robot starts serving pizza in Multan
A robot waiter serves a pizza to customers at restaurant. — INP

Pakistan’s first robot starts serving pizza in Multan

Pakistanis are enchanted by first robot waitresses at pizza joint in Multan

Pakistan’s first robot waiter starts serving pizza in Multan’s popular fast food restaurant, waiter robot is developed by pizzeria owner Osama Jafari electrical engineer from NUST.

Just after introducing a robotic waitress, pizzeria suddenly become the focus of consumers from all of Pakistan coming to witness the robots dish out pizza to the customers.

In March, pizza restaurant ( announced to utilize robot for serving customers.  The restaurant worked on improvement of the proto-type ‘robot waitress’ and finally has launched its stable version. They have also added more robots in the team. The robots, named Rabia, Annie and Jennie, are part of the team of waiters at

When asked about customer’s interest after introducing robotic waiters the owner of – Syed Aziz Ahmed Jafari said, “Soon after the news of the robotic waitress spread, there is a long queue of customers outside the shop who want to dine here”.

More importantly, the robot has been developed by pizzeria owner’s son Osama Jafari, who is electrical engineering graduate from NUST Islamabad.

The 24-year-old Osama Jafari said, Chinese robot waiters inspired him to develop his approximately $6,000 fleet of robot waitresses.

He expressed that his robot was smartly designed, weighing 25 kilograms and capable of carrying up to 5kg of food, the robot also detects and requests the obstacle in its way to give way. He vowed to improve the robot in order to boost artificial intelligence.

In the second iteration of the robots, Jafari promises that the robots will be able to answer customers’ questions, be a bit more interactive and generally more human.

Jafari’s family owns another restaurant in Hyderabad, Sindh where he intends to send the robots in coming days.

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