Pakistan’s President calls India out for its fascist policies in occupied Kashmir

Pakistan’s President calls India out for its fascist policies in occupied Kashmir

PM Imran Khan also expressed his concern about the current situation in the occupied Kashmir

President Arif Alvi criticized Indian atrocities in the Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) on the first anniversary of the revocation of Article 370 in an event in Islamabad. He said that India is trying to use the same tactics in Kashmir as Israel used in Palestine. The event was also attended by the foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Indian government has since laid a siege against the very people it claims to be its own. These include curfews, complete communication blackouts and stringent ban on free speech.  Indians have made commitments on Kashmir that it never fulfilled.

Many of the UN resolutions on Occupied Kashmir have yet to be implemented, even after several decades. “India’s high-ups made many promises to Kashmiris and Pakistan but none of those promises were fulfilled,” Alvi said.  

“They (India) signed the Simla Agreement with us in which it was decided that [both countries] will hold bilateral dialogue, but to date, India has refused to hold talks. Whenever the issue was raised on multilateral forums, India made excuses saying that it was a bilateral issue but they are not ready to talk,” the President added.

Prime Minister calls India out

Prime Minister Imran Khan also called India out for their atrocities in Kashmir as well.

“Kashmiris in IIOJK (Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir) have been subjected to a brutal fascist military siege by India since its illegal actions of 5th Aug last year followed by efforts to change the demography of IIOJK,” he said in one of the tweets.

International media outrage

A number of respected media outlets have criticized Indian censorship in the occupied valley. The media is not allowed to run stories that are against the government. Newspapers are provided with press briefs and are asked to print them as is. The lack of internet access also stops reporters from filing information in a timely fashion. Journalist have even been killed by the law enforcement agencies for not towing in line.  

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