Parker Schnabel Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €6.5 million
Age: 27
Born: 07/22/1994
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Gold prospector, producer, entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

One could say that Parker Russell Schnabel lives the “American Dream” as a gold digger. The young American from Haines, Alaska, has amassed a considerable Net Worth in just a few years. He didn’t have to start from the bottom: he learned the trade at a young age as the scion of a gold-digger family with a long tradition. He also received a certain amount of start-up capital from his parents, but he mainly earned his Net Worth with his business talent, his likeable demeanor and a good portion of luck.

early life

Parker Schnabel was born in Alaska in 1994 into a family with a gold mining tradition. His grandfather, John Schnabel, started the family prospecting tradition. He was himself descended from wheat farmers in Kansas. When the economic crisis took the family’s livelihood, 19-year-old John Schnabel tried his luck in Alaska. Ultimately, he bought a sawmill there, which he managed successfully for many decades. It was not until he was over 60 that Parker’s grandfather began prospecting for gold on his own land and founded the “Big Nugget Mine” there himself, which was to become the foundation for his and Parker’s success. Even as a child, Parker Schnabel was fascinated by prospecting for gold, initially with a simple plate in the river, and so he spent a lot of time with his grandfather in the mine.

Gold Rush in Alaska

“Gold Rush”, the Discovery Channel docu-soap, accompanied John Schnabel on his tireless and successful search for gold in his mine from 2009. Parker, then 15, is not the focus of the show, but that changes in 2011 when the frail John Schnabel bequeaths the gold mine to him. In a way, this is the starting signal for Parker’s career.


Against his mother’s wishes, Parker invests all the money in his college savings account, which his parents had put into gold mining since he was born. The Discovery Channel documents how Parker and his team dig deeper into his mine day by day, week by week, while building his career as a documentary star. Under the eyes of viewers, Parker eventually manages to find 34 ounces of gold in the show’s second season. Parker invests the proceeds of the gold and the TV fees in further gold prospecting projects, and so his career takes its course.

Career highlights

  • Scribner Creek Claim: In 2016 and 2017, Parker Schnabel and his team found record-breaking amounts of gold in Scribner Creek. After months of fighting with storms, frozen ground and broken equipment, the value of the gold found is 10.8 million euros
  • Largest Nugget: The largest nugget Parker Schnabel has found so far weighed a quarter of an ounce and was valued at $500
  • Following his successes as the docu-star of the series “Gold Rush”, Discovery Channel made a docu-series spin-off entitled “Parker’s Trail”

Famous quotes

  • “I’m a lucky guy, I was born into the right family.”
  • “To be honest, all we (gold diggers) do is dig in the dirt.”
  • “We risk a lot and never know if it pays off.”
  • “I have an iPhone 6 and a new truck. I do not need more.”

tips for success

His advice for anyone wanting to get into the prospecting business is to start with a plate and a small box in the river.

“Work your way up” is the motto. If necessary, you should start with a summer job in the Yukon or Alaska. “The only thing you can lose is time.”

He believes that like most things in life, “Your earnings from gold mining will match your investment. If you put in a lot of hard work and dedication, you will usually be rewarded.”

Estimated value: €6.5 million