Peter Alexander Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €40 million
Age: 84
Born: 06/30/1926
Died: 02/12/2011
Country of origin: Austria
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Peter Alexander was an Austrian singer, actor and entertainer who was one of the most popular stars in German-speaking countries for many decades. In most of his films he could also be heard as a singer, and numerous of his records were huge successes with the public. In 2011, the singer died at the age of 84 in his native city of Vienna.

early life

In 1944, Peter Alexander, born in Vienna in 1926 as the son of a banker, real name Peter Alexander Neumayer, was drafted into the war while still a soldier. In 1945 he was taken prisoner by the British. In the time leading up to his release, he continued to test the talent he had acquired during his school days in many areas of entertainment, from parodying to singing. His parents wanted him to study medicine, but he quickly gave up. Instead, he completed acting training, which he completed in 1948 with honors. Peter Alexander taught himself singing and piano and his first appearances soon followed. In 1951 he released his first record. From then on, a career in German-speaking countries that was unprecedented, especially in terms of its length, took its course as a diverse entertainer.


On the one hand, Peter Alexander primarily recorded hits, but was also active in the operetta genre. In 1965, when he had already celebrated a number of successes, he won the Munich hit song competition. By 1981 alone he had recorded 38 top ten hits in the German charts and was in the top 100 80 times with different titles. He released his last album in 1991, by then he had recorded a total of 156 singles and 120 LPs. In Germany alone, the sales figures for his works are estimated at over 46 million.

In addition, he also began a career as a showmaster on television and as an actor in feature films, in which he usually sang. A process that increased his already great popularity into unimagined spheres.

He had already made his first film in 1948, and by the time he retired as an actor in 1972 he had made more than 30 feature films. He was particularly active in this profession in the 1950s and early 1960s, sometimes shooting four films in one year, like in 1956 or 1959.

As an entertainer and show host, Peter Alexander stayed with the audience well beyond his last feature film. The Peter Alexander shows, which were shown on German television from 1963 to 1996, were particularly popular. With these shows, the entertainer achieved audience ratings that were only known from the soccer World Cup.

In addition, he regularly went on tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with his musical and entertaining performances. At the same time, together with another Austrian, Udo Jürgens, he was the most successful artist in this field for many years.

When he retired from TV appearances on his 70th birthday, one of the most successful artists of the post-war period in the entire German-speaking world ended his career. In 2011, Peter Alexander finally died in his hometown of Vienna, after being seen sporadically on TV on special occasions. He had previously transferred his assets of 40 million euros to a foundation.

In addition to numerous awards within the entertainment industry, Peter Alexander received the Great Decoration of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria in 1985 and the Ring of Honor of the City of Vienna in 1984.

Career highlights

Perhaps his most successful single was The Little Pub, a cover version of a Dutch play by Vader Abraham. In 1986 he recorded songs with the German national soccer team on the album “Mexico mi amor”, which became a great nationwide success.

As an actor, his most popular and most successful role was that of waiter Leopold in the operetta film “Im Weißen Rößl”. His television appearances totaled nearly 200, of which it is difficult to single out a single one.

Famous quotes

“Television has become so brutal, vulgar and cheap. In just a few years, pretty much all taboos have fallen and good taste has fallen by the wayside.”

“I hate routine, I only use it in an emergency. I still like my work and “from the gut” – people feel that.”

“I keep getting scripts sent to me – but there’s so much crap in them. I could play forester, priest or doctor at any time. But if a quality book came out, I could imagine doing a film again.”

“Quotas are the enemy of every quality! And what I don’t understand: the viewers pay fees for the public broadcasters. Don’t they have any rights?”

Amazing Facts

Even before his death, his assets were transferred to a foundation that would benefit his two children after his death. Both of Peter Alexander’s children have now passed away, his daughter even during his lifetime.

In 2012, a square in the Döbling district of Vienna was renamed Peter-Alexander-Platz.

His villa in Vienna was demolished by the new owner in 2018 after it was sold.

Estimated value: €40 million