Peter Maffay Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €25 million
Age: 72
Born: 08/30/1949
Country of origin: Romania
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Peter Maffay is a German singer, music producer and guitarist.

Earlier life

Peter Maffay was born in Romania to a mother from Transylvania and a Hungarian-German father. When Maffay was 14 years old, the family emigrated to Germany. Already as a child he was interested in music and learned to play the violin. Peter Maffay founded his first band “The Beat Boys”, later renamed “The Dukes”, in 1964. The band played cover songs and performed at the local bar “Weißer Hirsch”. At that time Maffay acted as a guitarist, he did not sing himself until later. During his school days, Maffay switched from secondary school to high school. After he was not transferred the second time, he had to leave the school in 1968. Maffay then completed an apprenticeship as a chemical grapher. That year (1968) Maffay founded the folk beat duo “Peter & Margit” with his former schoolmate Margit. In this constellation he appeared as a singer for the first time. As with Maffay’s former band, the duo sang cover songs. The two musicians sang the songs in a wide variety of languages, including German, English, French, Hungarian and Russian.


The German songwriter Michael Kunze became aware of Maffay in 1969. A short time later, in January 1970, Maffay released his first single “Du”, which Kunze had produced. Two months later, Maffay had his first appearance on the popular music show “ZDF-Hitparade”. This performance made the singer famous throughout Germany. In the years that followed, Maffay was able to expand his career and played country and rock ‘n’ roll songs as well as ballads. At the end of the 1970s, his style of music changed from country to German rock. In addition to this genre, Maffay created the fairy tale character “Tabaluga” together with other companions in the 80s. In the following years, a musical and an animated series were created around this character. In 2015 the last album “Tabaluga – long live the friendship” was released.

Career highlights

His first hit “Du” was an enormous success for Maffay, paving the way for his great career. In 1970, the song was the biggest German song hit of the year. Maffay’s single has sold over a million copies. Also in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium and Austria, the hit was able to place in the high charts. In 1979 he again achieved enormous success with his album “Steppenwolf”, which sold 1.6 million copies. With the next album “Revanche”, especially the song “Über Sieben Brücken, you have to go”, the sales record was surpassed again: the album sold 2.1 million copies. The record “Tattoos”, which he recorded in the course of his 40th stage anniversary, continued the success. The album, which contained mostly his greatest hits, reached #1 on the charts. Maffay was able to achieve this position for the 14th time, which makes him the record holder in Germany.

Famous quotes

“I’m not afraid of old age and I find every wrinkle on my face is a story from my life.”

“Strong is he who has more dreams than reality can destroy.”

“I feel richly gifted by life and therefore feel an obligation to volunteer.”

“I don’t make my music with a slide rule. Before I put the guitar down because it’s not in vogue, I’d rather stop altogether.”

Amazing Facts

Peter Maffay is politically and socially involved, for example he supports the peace movement and makes donations to various foundations. He received many awards for his commitment, including the Federal Cross of Merit (1996) and the “World Vision Charity Award” in 2006. Maffay is also patron of the Tabaluga Foundation and ambassador of the “German José Carreras Leukemia Foundation”. He also supports the “Amadeu Antonio Foundation”, which works against racism and for more tolerance. The musician also appeared as an actor in three films: In “The Joker” (1986), 1999 in “Captive in Yemen” and “The Polar Bear” Maffay was able to convince with his acting.

Estimated value: €25 million