PM Imran inaugurates Special Economic Zone in Rashakai

PM Imran inaugurates Special Economic Zone in Rashakai

The Rashakai special economic zone will help boost employment in the region and improve the local economy

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Rashakai Special Economic Zone, a project that comes under CPEC. The special economic zone will cater to a variety of industries including medical, textile, food, and beverages, among others.

The SEZ is set up on over 1,000 acres of land and will likely create direct and indirect job opportunities for about 200,000 people. This will certainly help in boosting the local economy and better the conditions of the locals.

The KPK government is leasing the land through a one-window operation to facilitate the investors. The government believes that leasing the land will help develop the industry quicker. The government wants to discourage land hoarders who buy estates to sell later for higher profits and no actual industry is set up.  

Imran sees a bright future

PM Imran believes that the economic growth of the country will continue in the right direction. He also emphasized the importance of not only boosting the exports but also diversifying. Khan also talked about facilitating the investors to ensure that more and more industries can be set up. He reiterated that his government is taking all possible steps to facilitate investors since they’re the ones creating new jobs. He believes that investors are the real VIPs of the nation.

An important step

Pakistan has a huge human capital that needs to be utilized in a proper manner. Such job creation activities will help boost the financial conditions of the people and the country at the same time. It is crucial that we also develop skilled labor along with common labor to get even better results. More economic and industrial zones will help the country move in the right economic direction.

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