Punjab has the highest number of cyber harassment cases: DRF report

Punjab has the highest number of cyber harassment cases: DRF report

People face most harassment on Facebook, says DRF report

Pakistan’s Punjab province has the highest number of cyberbullying cases, according to the Digital Rights Foundation (DRF), based on the statistics collected via their Cyber Harassment Helpline.

The report states that during the first four months of its operation, the helpline received a total of 513 individual complaints. About 62% of the calls were made by women, which depict a surprising note that a sizeable proportion of males, 37 out of every hundred, also formed complaints of cyber harassment.

According to the DRF data, the helpline received as many as 513 individual complaints during the first four months of operations. Data indicates that the total number of calls was 535 with 406 being cases of individuals. Of the total, 62% of the calls were made by women.

The following table show the provinces based percentage of complaints received via their anti-harassment helpline:

  • Punjab – 41.3%
  • Sindh – 17.8%,
  • Pakhtunkhwa – 4.70%
  • Balochistan – 1.30%
  • Azad Kashmir – 0.70%
  • Federal Territory – 10.10%
  • Outside the country – 0.20%

While 23.90% of the complainer did not disclose their location.

The Foundation reports also revealed that Facebook is top of the list of social media websites where people faced the most hatred and harassment. Where most of the complaints were related to fake profiles, unauthorized use of information, blackmailing and hacking of social media accounts.

The Digital Rights Foundation (DRF), a registered research-based advocacy non-governmental organisation, was founded by Nighat Dad in 2012. The focus of the organization is to support human rights, inclusiveness, democratic processes and digital governance. It also focuses on issues related to online free speech, privacy, data protection and cyber crime against women.

The government cyber harassment helpline has also been established in December 2016. All those with queries or who want any sort of help can contact on following details from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Cyber Harassment Helpline: 0800-39393


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