Qatar requires 100,000 Pakistani workers for FIFA 2022 World Cup

Qatar requires 100,000 Pakistani workers for FIFA 2022 World Cup

Qatar desires that the maximum workforce required in this regard should come from Pakistan

The Qatar Ambassador to Pakistan Saqr Bin Mubarak said that his country would required 0.1 million skilled workers for development and construction work underway in connection with FIFA Football World Cup 2022, to be held in Qatar.

This was announced at the bilateral meeting of Qatar Ambassador with Executive Director National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema.

As per Ambassador Qatar hopes that the maximum people needed for this job come from Pakistan for the construction of stadiums, hotels and other infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The main purpose of this meeting is to enhance the bilateral cooperation in Technical and Vocational training between the two countries.

Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema further explained the developing a new program that will give the workers vocational training, vaccinations, security clearance and basic English language lessons before they head to Qatar for work.

These committees will provide identity cards, passports, visas, security clearance and vaccinations to the skilled and semi-skilled workers who will be going abroad.

The Ambassador of Qatar appreciated the efforts of transforming the skill development sector of Pakistan on modern lines.

According to sources Pakistani manpower is cost-wise cheaper, considerably efficient and reliable, and can easily adapt and adapt to different cultures and conditions across the globe.

The government has to focus on export of manpower, besides their absorption in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and other infrastructure & energy projects domestically.

Pakistan has to adopt a dynamic strategy on consolidating, and then developing, its Middle East market, in particular.

Our technical institutes and universities turn out skilled persons by the thousands annually, and these are the workers Pakistan should concentrate on, enhancing their academic skills by teaching them value-added features, knowing basic languages like Arabic, English, and French is a start.

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