Rafale jet sale to India could trigger arms race in South Asia

Rafale jet sale to India could trigger arms race in South Asia

Rafale jets acquired by India may have the ability to carry nuclear weapons

Pakistan has expressed its concerns over the possible nuclear weapon delivery capabilities of the Rafale jets that were recently acquired by the Indian air force.  

Pakistan’s Foreign Office questioned the intentions of the Indians as well as their suppliers in the West regarding their non-proliferation commitments. It can essentially lead to an arms race in the region which is already mired with conflicts.

“We have seen reports of recent acquisition of Rafale jets by Indian Air Force. According to some former senior Indian officials and several international publications, these Rafale jets have dual-capable systems that can be modified as nuclear weapon delivery platforms,” Foreign Office spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said at her weekly media briefing.

“The transfer of advanced systems, where there is an open intention of conversion into nuclear delivery platforms, calls into question the commitment of international suppliers to non-proliferation commitments,” she added.

The spokesperson also showed concerns about India’s constant arms buildup which are beyond it actual security requirements. Farooqui noted that India is the world’s second largest arms importer.

“It is disturbing to note that India continues to amass military capabilities beyond its genuine security requirement. According to credible and reputable international research institutes, India is now the second largest arms importer in the world”, she added.

Farooqui also reminded BJP government’s ultra nationalist agenda which is a matter of concern. “The world is already a witness to the bellicose and irresponsible rhetoric by the BJP government in pursuit of a revisionist agenda in the neighborhood”, said the spokesperson.

BJP’s government has been following an extreme rightwing Hindu nationalist agenda since it was elected for a second time last year. The government has taken away the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the Kashmiri people living under the Indian occupation and put the region in curfew. The military has indulged into skirmishes with Pakistan. Last year, India lost two fighter jets and one pilot after entering Pakistani airspace. The second pilot was arrested and later returned to India.

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