Ralf Schmitz Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2 million
Age: 47
Born: 11/03/1974
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Comedian/Host
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Ralf Schmitz is a well-known and successful comedian, musician, moderator, actor and author.

He became known to a wide audience through various television appearances and played various roles in television formats such as Schillerstraße (improvisation comedy), The Brazen Three, or Genial next to it.

In the further course of his career he also worked as an actor and voice actor, for example he played in films such as 7 dwarfs – men alone in the forest. As a voice actor, he dubbed different characters in films such as Kung Fu Panda, Angry Birds, or Animal Conference.

He has also been doing stand-up comedy in his live programs for several years and plays in front of his fans in partly sold-out halls throughout Germany.

early life

Already during his school days at a high school in Leverkusen, he played in various theater performances. He comes from Leverkusen and was known early on for his entertainment skills.

After graduating from high school and completing community service, he began acting and dancing training and also took singing lessons.

All of this paved his way in the entertainment industry early on, which he benefited from later in his career. In his early twenties, he embarked on his path towards television entertainment as a presenter and comedian.


At the beginning of his career he was a member of an ensemble of improvisational theater in Bonn for several years. In 2003 he was awarded the German Comedy Prize for his role in the television show “Die brazen Drei” with the title “Newcomer of the Year”.

Ralf was subsequently nominated several times for the German Comedy Award, including in the category “Best German Comedian”. In the same year (2005), however, he was able to win a prize for “Schillerstraße” and immediately went on tour in Germany with his first live program.

Furthermore, a DVD of the live program was released, which was recorded at a performance in Cologne.

In any case, his focus is on television shows, because in his career so far, he has repeatedly taken part in new and existing television formats.

Career highlights

His career highlights include a number of successes, in addition to awards for his performance as a comedian, he was also recognized as an actor and artist.

In 2004, Ralf was seen for the first time in the cinema comedy “7 Dwarfs – Men Alone in the Forest” alongside Otto Waalkes. Schmitz was also seen in the follow-up film “7 Dwarfs – The Forest Is Not Enough”. He was awarded various prizes for his acting performance.

In 2008 a single from the title song of the series “Shaun das Schaf” was released and made it to number 36 in the German single charts. This song was interpreted by Ralf Schmitz in a pop version and was an instant success.

Two years earlier, the DVD of his live program made it into the top 100 best-selling titles in Germany.

Various awards for his works followed, the German Comedy Prize, the Eins Live Krone, winner of the Berlin Prize and winner of the German animation speaker prize.

Because of his diversity and multi-talents, he also became an author and published three books.

His highlights also include his third (2009), fourth (2012-2014) and fifth tour (until 2016). Since the end of 2018 he has been on his seventh tour in Germany.

Ralf is a true all-rounder, he appeared in 38 different shows between 2003-2019 and worked in seventeen different film productions from 2004-2019.

Amazing Facts

Relatively little is known about Ralf Schmitz’ private life, because he tries to keep it out of the public eye as much as possible.

He built his Net Worth on several pillars, he has income from TV shows, TV films and book sales.

Away from the stage, Ralf keeps a low profile, whether he has a wife or girlfriend by his side is not known. However, it is known that he is a very animal-loving person and that one of his faithful companions is called Hildegard. Because Hildegard approached him at the end of 2016 after the death of his then cat Minka.

It is also known about Ralf that he no longer lives in Germany but has moved to Mallorca. Regarding a criterion that Ralf pays attention to when choosing a partner, he said: “That he definitely doesn’t need a stinky boot, i.e. a woman who can’t laugh at anything. Because then it’s difficult, humor is also important to solve problems quickly, he can only recommend looking for a person with a lot of humor.”

Estimated value: €2 million