Ramon Roselly Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €100,000
Age: 28
Born: 12/07/1993
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Ramon Kaselowsky is one of the six children born to Dany Roselly and Sylvia Kaselowsky. He performed in his parents’ circus until 2018, after which he became self-employed.

He competed in and won the 17th season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar in 2020. Before that he presented a circus show with his partner Lorena Hein.

He is now focusing on his passion, music, and is working on other hit albums.

early life

Born on December 7th, 1993 in Merseburg in Saxony-Anhalt, Ramon Kaselowsky grew up in a circus family. Together with five siblings, he traveled with the circus to the various venues.

There he performed as an artist and showman until his parents had to close the circus company in 2018. He then became self-employed as a building cleaner.

His great passion has always been singing, which he has practiced since he was six years old. His current partner Lorena Hein also grew up in a circus family.

Together they have been moderating the Christmas circus in Zwickau since 2018. There, the two build in singing interludes again and again.

The many stage appearances at his parents’ circus gave him a clear advantage in the talent show in which he would later take part. Years of experience made him self-confident and he was able to quickly win over the jury and the audience.


In 2020 he took part in the 17th season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar. He changed his surname from Kaselowsky to Roselly, which was his stage name earlier, just before the finale.

Ramon soon became the clear favorite of the jury as well as the audience. In the final he held his own against three other candidates. With the hit songs “Tränen liege nicht” by Michael Holm and “100 Years Are Still Too Short” by Randolph Rose, he got an audience rating of over 80%.

With his interpretation of “One Night”, written by Dieter Bohlen, he was able to prevail against Chiara D’Amico and win. He not only received the winning title but also 100,000 euros in prize money.

The song reached number one in the German single charts. A day later, Universal Music released its debut album “Herzenssache”, which immediately entered the German album charts at number one. The album also secured first place in the Ö3 Austria Top 40 in the first week.

After his victory at Deutschland sucht den Superstar, he performed at Let’s Dance in 2020. The first live appearance after winning the casting show.

He is currently enjoying his success and continues to work hard on his career and passion. In the meantime he has already released another album entitled “Favorite Moments”.

Career highlights

His clear winning rate has not yet been surpassed by a single candidate in the series. He has thus set a new record for the German talent show.

His final song ” Eine Nacht ” by Dieter Bohlen reached number one in the German single charts in the first week. This makes him the 12th DSDS winner who has succeeded.

Shortly thereafter he was able to look forward to an appearance on Let’s Dance.

His first album “Herzenssache” is now also available as a platinum edition.

Famous quotes

“I live the music I play and just stay me”

“I was happy without 100,000 euros before and I’m the same now.”

Amazing Facts

From an early age he worked in his parents’ circus company. Through constant travel he visited over 40 different schools.

He currently lives in Zschernitz in Saxony-Anhalt with his partner in a caravan. This one belongs to a group with other family members.

Even after his success at Deutschland sucht den Superstar, he will not change his living situation. With the prize money he might want to buy a better trailer and take a trip to America with his father. There they want to visit a casino and drive on Route 66.

Estimated value: €100,000