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Robert Geiss Net Worth in 2022 Career & Relationship

Robert Geiss (56) is not only a TV star, as many know him, but also a successful entrepreneur. He gained a large part of his Net Worth by selling the shares in his sporting goods brand “Uncle Sam”, founded in 1986. We have researched extensively and present you with all relevant facts below:

How much money does Robert Geiss have? (2020)

According to the online magazine his net worth was up in 2016 22 million dollars, and his annual income is estimated at around 2 million dollars. However, this information is no longer up-to-date.

Considering all sources of information, that is estimated net worth of Robert Geiss in the year around 25 million dollars. His annual income is on about 3 million dollars estimated.

Summary: Net Worth & Earnings of Robert Geiss
Estimated value 25 million dollars
fee per episode 60,000 dollars
Fee per season 2.4 million dollars
“The Geissens” merit overall 30 million dollars
Estimated income 2019 5 million dollars
Estimated income 2019 1 million dollars

The success story of Robert Geiss

Robert Geiss was born on January 29, 1964 in Cologne in the Rhineland. According to Wikipedia, after graduating from secondary school, he went straight into his father’s family business, who worked as a fairground outfitter.

At the age of 22 he founded the company with his brother Michael Geiss “Uncle Sam”, which was the first clothing manufacturer specifically for the fitness and bodybuilding industries. With the upward trend in the fitness scene, the two brothers’ company grew rapidly until they sold their shares in 1995. According to numerous sources, Robert Geiss and his brother are said to have one profit from 35.79 million dollars made (which corresponded to around 70 million German marks at the time).

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On the question “How did Robert Geiss get rich?” he replied with the following sentence:

“I had a textile company back then, which I sold very well and I’ve actually been enjoying my life ever since”

Robert Geiss, 2018

The former million-dollar company is probably not doing as well today as it did back then, especially when you consider the comparatively strong competition in the fitness market. The company now also offers underwear, shoes and training equipment. All in all, the Geiss brothers probably chose the best possible time to sell their company.

At this time Robert Geiss married his wife Carmen. Together with their children, the family can be seen today in the reality show “Die Geissens – Eine terribly glamorous family”, which is shown on RTL2. As few know, the show is run by the specially created Geiss TV GmbH production company produces. Another lucrative line of business for Robert Geiss.

Fee from “The Geissens” TV show?

3 years ago, the Austrian newspaper “Kurier” reported that the Geissens per season 2.4 million dollars from RTL2 should receive. Calculated down to around 10 episodes per season, Robert Geiss earns incredible 240,000 dollars with one episode.

With much less time, Robert Geiss’ fee is comparatively much higher than the fee of DSDS juror Dieter Bohlen, which overall “only” around 1.2 million dollars per season receives.

Also interesting: the two daughters Shania Geiss (14) and Davina Geiss (15) receive both according to their own statements 200 dollars fee per day of shooting.

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"The Geissens - A Terribly Glamorous Family" (TV show)
“The Geissens – A terribly glamorous family” (TV show on RTL2)

The show polarizes the viewers, which gives the Geissens additional notoriety.

Roberto Geissini – Own fashion label

At the beginning of 2013, Robert Geiss got back into the fashion business and founded his own luxury brand Roberto Geissini. This is designer fashion with rivets, tattoos, skulls – the style is strongly reminiscent of “Ed Hardy”.

The high reach through TV and media makes it possible to advertise the products from “Roberto Geissini” at low cost and to draw attention to the brand. All in all, this is another clever source of income for Robert Geiss. The prices of the items range from 29.95 dollars to 289.95 dollars. So far, however, we have been able to no information on sales by Roberto Geissini Find.

The cars and real estate of the Geissens

The Geissens’ assets also include numerous luxury properties, sports cars and expensive boats. Robert Geiss currently earns a large part of his income from the purchase and resale of luxury properties. As a rule, he buys outdated properties, refurbishes them, improves the interior design and then sells them on at a profit. The former villa of the Geissens, which is located in Grimaud (town in France), was converted into a luxurious hotel in 2015 and now serves as an additional passive source of income.

1. All properties owned by Robert Geiss

His property includes the following properties:

property Location living space
Penthouse (17.000€ rent per month) Monaco (FR) 420 sqm
Villa (with 7000 m² plot) St Tropez (FR) 600 sqm
Villa (converted to a hotel) Grimaud (FR) no
chalet Valberg (FR) 270 sqm

2. All Robert Geiss cars

  • Audi R8 (570 hp)
  • Audi Q7 (493 hp)
  • Bentley Continental GTC Convertible (560 hp)
  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (740 hp)
  • Maserati Gran Convertible (440 hp)
  • Mini Cooper S (230 hp)
  • Porsche Turbo (500 hp)
  • Range Rover Sport (230 hp)
  • Rolls Royce Phantom (460 hp)
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3. All boats by Robert Geiss

  • INDIGO STAR luxury yacht, 38 meters
  • 38 DONZI ZFX CUDDY speedboat, 12 meters

The absurd rumor “The Geissens are broke”

Again and again, the critics and viewers come up with the supposed rumors that say that Robert Geiss and his family are actually broke and that the wealth / luxury lifestyle is only staged. However, this rumor is repeatedly declared invalid by Robert Geiss personally.

If you believe his statements, he bought a high-quality luxury property (650 m² of living space and 2600 m² of land) in Kitzbühel in October 2014 4,500,000 dollars sold. It is questionable how much the pure profit made from this deal – but it was probably several hundred thousand dollars, if not a million or more. According to other sources, he has fulfilled a lifelong dream with the winnamely his Indigo Star Yacht.

Furthermore, it is a fact that the Geissens earn countless millions with their television show. Even if, as some people claim, there is no money left from the sale of the company shares, the Geissens would still be there Millionaires alone with the fees from their TV show.

In the following picture we summarize the most important points about Robert Geiss’ Net Worth:

Robert Geiss Net Worth - Summary
Robert Geiss Net Worth – Summary

Profile of Robert Geiss:

Date of birth January 29, 1964
age 56 years
Place of birth Rhineland, Cologne (Germany)
Marital status married (to Carmen Geiss)
primary residence Monte Carlo, Monaco
Bourgeois name Robert Geiss
nicknames Robert
height 174 cm
weight unknown

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