Said Shiripour Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €20 million
Age: 32
Born: 03/11/1990
Country of origin: Iran
Source of Wealth: entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Sahid Shiripour is an entrepreneur specializing in online marketing. During his studies, he began to improve his financial situation with affiliate marketing and invested a large part of the money he earned in online courses and further training. He is best known for the “evergreen system” that he developed at the age of 23. His Net Worth is now estimated at around 20 million euros.

early life

Shiripour was born in Iran but migrated to Germany with his family at the age of 11. Since it was difficult for him to learn the German language, he initially had only a few friends. Over time, his situation improved. Already in his youth he worked in the fruit trade, where he gained his first experiences as a salesman. In 2011, the native of Tehran successfully completed his high school diploma and began studying industrial engineering with a focus on computer science at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Due to his limited budget, he looked for ways to improve his financial situation and started affiliate marketing. After just 14 months, he managed to turn his initial starting capital of EUR 100 into EUR 1.4 million.


This success encouraged him in his decision to abandon his studies and devote himself to his entrepreneurial plans. He wanted to build an online business that would allow him to live with freedom of geography, finances and time. His first and at the same time most successful product is the “Evergreensystem”. In this digital information product, Shiripour describes in a kind of guide how it is possible to generate large sales through affiliate marketing without having your own product. In the meantime, the third offshoot, Evergreensystem 3.0, has appeared. Over time, other similar products were launched.

Shiripour repeatedly emphasized that his wife Silke was a great support in his life. Unfortunately, she died of a pulmonary embolism in September 2016. This plunged the entrepreneur into deep depressions that were so severe that life in Germany was no longer conceivable. This was also a major setback for his career, because he did not record any videos for months and only generated little sales. After the crisis, he ventured a new start in Dubai, whereby the companies founded in Germany were liquidated without further ado. Today the entrepreneur is doing better, he is full of energy again and will continue to pursue his goals. He also met a new woman in Dubai who is now giving him the support he needs again.

In addition to his career, his priority today is to help other people. For this reason, he and his new wife founded several aid organizations in Thailand and Africa, among other places. He helps the organization “help4children” and together with his team visited a Thai orphanage in 2018, which he also supports financially.

Career highlights

The first highlight of his career was the publication of his evergreen system, with which he managed to bring in the first big sales. For this he was named “Newcomer of the Year” in 2013. He also wrote a reference book called “The Perfect Online Business”, which he launched in 2017 and has sold more than 35,000 copies to date. Shiripour has set up a team of experts consisting of 65 members. In addition, a cooperation with the Austrian Jakob Hager was decided in 2017, which serves the purpose of developing digital coaching programs. In Germany he founded several GmbHs, the “Rocket Empire GmbH”, the “Rocket Wunder GmbH”, the “Love Empire GmbH”, all of which were economically successful, but were completely liquidated due to his move to Dubai. In 2018, the entrepreneur received seven industry awards and was accepted into the so-called “Two Comma Club” for his work, for which one must achieve at least $1 million in sales with “ClickFunnels” (a sales funnel builder).

Famous quotes

– Always be open to new people, new cultures. Because if you are always open, you can learn from strokes of fate and take the next step.

– Being free is a choice. Are you brave enough to get off the hamster wheel? Then you are exactly right here!

tips for success

Said Shiripour has established what he calls “the golden rules of marketing” for himself. These form the foundation of his personal success and he has based every business of his career on them. The main thing here is to adapt as best as possible to the needs of your customers and to always ask yourself: “Who needs this and when does he do it?”. Products and offers should never stand still, but should always be further developed. Circulation, seasonal and regional adjustments and competitive thinking should be in the foreground here. It is also important to find the right target group for the product. Mistakes are not bad because you can learn from them and improve your behavior. If the business works, you can think of scaling, but you should focus specifically on online advertising for scaling.

Estimated value: €20 million