Sam Haber net worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €20 million
Age: 46
Born: 04/02/1976
Country of origin: Finland
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Samu Aleksi Haber is a Finnish singer, guitarist and songwriter and also fronts Finnish rock band Sunrise Avenue.

early life

Samu Haber was born on April 2, 1976 in Helsinki, Finland. His father comes from Bad Grund im Harz (Germany). Samu Haber has two siblings and is an avid supporter of the Finnish ice hockey team Helsingfors IFK. Already in his youth Samu Haber was musical and a member of the heavy metal band Absurdus, in which he played the role of guitarist. According to his own statements, he discovered his passion for music through the American rock band Bon Jovi.


In April 1992, Samu Haber founded the band Sunrise together with the Finnish songwriter Jan Hohenthal, which initially only performed in pubs, at smaller festivals and parties. The band was rather moderately known and their songs were not represented in the official charts. Samu Haber then decided to take a break in Spain. He stayed there from 1998 to 2002 and got the opportunity to perform at a few private Spanish events.

After returning to Finland in 2002, he decided to give his band a new name. Sunrise became Sunrise Avenue and Samu Haber started producing the music, which millions of fans still follow today. In the meantime the band consisted of Samu Haber, Ruutu Riku Rajamaa, Sami Osala and Osmo Icons.

In the summer of 2012, there was a collaboration between Sunrise Avenue and the band Follow Your Instinct. Together they recorded the single No Matter What They Say.

Despite his limited knowledge of the German language, Samu Haber has been a coach at The Voice of Germany since 2013. He is loved by his large fan base as a musical talent with an extraordinary appearance, so he was also represented in the show in the following years until 2017.

After a short hiatus, he returned in 2020 for the tenth anniversary season of The Voice of Germany. In addition to him, the Irish rock singer Rea Garvey, the German singers Stefanie Kloß and Yvonne Catterfeld as well as the singers Nico Santos and Mark Forster were represented as coaches.

Samu Haber is also involved in voluntary work. He auctioned off one of his guitars and an introduction to himself and his band Sunrise Avenue on Ebay. The profit of more than 10,000 euros was donated to a children’s hospital in Helsinki.

Career highlights

The album “Heartbreak Century” by the band Sunrise Avenue was released on October 6, 2017 and was the band’s first album to reach number one in the German album charts and also received gold status.

In January 2019, the band Sunrise Avenue was allowed to deliver the title song to the film “Iron Sky: The Coming Race” with their song “Iron Sky”.

Famous quotes

“It is important to learn from your own mistakes. If you only learn from books, you don’t really learn the lessons.”

“Dream like a child. Follow your heart. Be honest. Work hard.”

“Then I thought, what the hell… Maybe this is your unique chance and I’ll regret for the rest of my life I missed it. It would kill me to one day be a happy grandfather with everything I need in life but still sometimes wonder how it could have been. We all have only one life and we must live it. NOW!”

tips for success

According to Samu Haber, everyone is good at the things they love. You should just dare and do what you really like. So one of his tips for success is: “Do something you love!” Another motto for success, which he also got as a tattoo, is: “Work hard!” According to Samu Haber, only hard work rewards you with success. He also advises: “Risk mistakes!” In his opinion, this requires a lot of courage. However, if you are too afraid to accept a mistake, you are in the wrong place in showbiz.

Estimated value: €20 million