Samy Deluxe Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €5 million
Age: 44
Born: 12/19/1977
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Samy Deluxe sold over a million records and is therefore one of the most successful German rappers of all time. Especially at the beginning of his career, Samy Deluxe had a penchant for aggressive battle rap, which until then had only been known from the American rap scene. With his pointed, original rhymes, he didn’t always make it easy for his opponents to parry the attacks.

However, Samy Deluxe showed a different, thoughtful side on his albums and in public by dealing with topics such as exclusion and discrimination and getting involved accordingly.

early life

Samy Deluxe aka Samy Sorge was born in Hamburg. In his childhood he often had to struggle with discrimination due to his dark skin color. The resulting identity crisis was all the more pronounced as he was never allowed to get to know his Sudanese father and he therefore lacked the role model.

In search of ways to overcome the conflicts of everyday life, young Samy discovered his musical talent and his love of rap music early on. Inspired by American role models, he initially wrote his lyrics in English before letting himself be infected by the boom in the German rap scene at the end of the 1990s.

He gained his first stage experience as part of the band “No Nonsens”, which mainly performed in Hamburg clubs. During this time he also gave himself the nickname “Deluxe”, which he derived from the Hamburg pop group “Felix de Luxe”.


In 1997, Samy Deluxe founded the band Dynamite Deluxe with DJ Dynamite and Tropf. This was followed by the production of a demo tape, which was released with the support of the Hamburg hip-hop label “Eimsbush”. In 1999, Samy Deluxe teamed up with the Hamburg hip-hop group “Absolute Beginners” for a feature. The success of the hit single “Füchse” made him known to a wider audience outside of the German hip-hop scene for the first time.

In 2000 Dynamite Deluxe released their first stand alone album titled Deluxe Soundsystem. With over 150,000 copies sold, the album landed at number four in the German charts. For its success, “Dynamite Deluxe” was awarded a gold record.

Despite the success, the band parted ways with DJ Dynamite in early 2001. The second album, which was released in the same year under the title “Samy Deluxe”, was nevertheless a great success. Over 150,000 albums sold helped Samy Deluxe to his second gold record. This made him one of the most successful German rappers of all time even at this early stage in his career.

In 2003, Samy Deluxe released the album “Who would have thought that?” together with the Stuttgart rapper “Afrob”, for which he bought beats from American producers for the first time. Also for his second solo album “Verdammtnochma!” (2004) Samy Deluxe collaborated with American producers. The album reached number two in the German charts.

In 2006 and 2007, Samy Deluxe released the two mixtapes “Deluxe from head to toe” and “Legende Legende”. In 2008 the album “TNT” followed, for which Samy Deluxe again worked together with “DJ Dynamite”. The album made it to fifth place in the German charts.

In 2009, the third studio album “Dis wo ich herkomm” followed, which landed at number three in the charts.

In 2011, Samy Deluxe achieved the next big success with the album “SchwarzWeiss”. The album made it to number 1 in the German album charts and earned him his third gold record.

The albums “Conspiracy Theories with Beautiful Melodies” (2012), Male (2014), Blockbasta (2015), “Famous Last Words” (2016) and “High Culture” (2017) were similarly successful.

Besides, Samy Deluxe delighted his fans by releasing more mixtapes and participating in the TV series “Male Deluxe”. There was also an MTV Unplugged concert that took place on the MS Bleichen in the port of Hamburg. The accompanying album made it to second place in the German charts.

Career highlights

Highlights of Samy Deluxe’ career were the brilliant start of his career in the early 2000s and the release of “Schwarzweiß” (2011), which is his most successful album to date.

Famous quotes

  • “And I’m still fascinated by what’s happening. Between a person and a piece of paper. Between the moment we fantasize And the moment when the pen then touches the paper.”
  • “Many rely on facts and don’t give their dreams a chance. And a lot of dream dancers dance, but lose the fucking balance.”
  • “Rap is like bumper cars: you can dodge yourself, but a crash is cooler.”

Amazing Facts

In 2004, Samy Deluxe contributed a rap verse for the song “Dip It Low” by US singer Christina Milian

In 2005, Samy Deluxe represented his hometown of Hamburg in the “Bundesvision Song Contest”, where he came ninth

Starting in 2006, Samy Deluxe repeatedly tried himself as a fashion designer. So he designed sneakers and caps together with the companies “Reebok” and “New Era Cap”.

Estimated value: €5 million