Sarah Lombardi net worth

Sarah Lombardi net worth in 2022 Career & Relationship

How much money does Sarah Lombardi have?

Considering all the sources currently available, that is Sarah Lombardi net worth estimated in 2019 1 million dollars.

Her income will be around in the current year 500,000 dollars estimated. There is no official information from the singer to this day.

How does Sarah Lombardi earn her money?

The single mother hasn’t earned her money exclusively from music for a long time. In addition to her work as singer the 26-year-old has a lucrative mainstay with her Instagram profile “sarellex3”. influencer built up. With a reach of currently 1,100,000 followers, Sarah Lombardi a five-digit sum for an advertising post (between 10,000 – 20,000 dollars). If you take a closer look at their profile, you can see that on average 3 out of 9 posts are marked as advertising. Based on this average, you can calculate your gross earnings with Instagram at around 30,000 to 60,000 dollars per month evaluate.

In addition, Sarah Lombardi is receiving more and more offers for TV appearances. For example, she was only recently on the show broadcast on ProSieben “Beat the celebrity” to see. The show comes from the former hit format “Beat the Raab” (with Stefan Raab) and two celebrities compete against each other in various disciplines. Sarah Lombardi’s opponent was Eko Fresh.

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On May 23, 2019, the broadcaster RTL announced that Sarah Lombardi would appear in the 13th season of “The Super talent” along with Dieter Bohlen and Bruce Darnell will be on the jury. Here, too, comes an estimated Fee of several hundred thousand dollars added to their wealth.

Career – How did Sarah Lombardi become successful?

childhood and adolescence

Sarah Lombardi (civil Sarah Engels) was on October 15, 1992 was born in Cologne and grew up with her parents and her brother (name unknown) in the city of Hürth. From the age of eleven she began to sing at various school and street events. In addition, she took part in singing lessons for 4 years and pursued the goal of becoming a professional musician from a young age.

After successfully completing secondary school, Sarah Lombardi completed her vocational diploma as a language assistant, which she never finished. At the same time, her career in the music industry began.

Participation at “Germany seeks the superstar”

What many people don’t know is that Sarah Lombardi took part in the popular casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (with Dieter Bohlen) three times:

2009 (season 6)

In the 6th season, Sarah, who was only 17 at the time, applied for the first time, but was eliminated from the final 120 of the recall. The reason for this was serious problems with memorizing song lyrics.

2010 (Season 7)

The following year she applied again to DSDS and made it into the recall. In the second recall show, she performed a duet with Eugen Flittner, but was again not chosen by the jury due to text problems.

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2011 (season 8)

In the 8th season of DSDS, Sarah Engels applied one last time and made it into the top 10 finalists, where she appeared in the first theme show with a Vote count of 6.7% was chosen by the viewers. In the third live show, however, she was allowed to be there again because Nina Richel had to leave the show due to her health condition. Sarah Engels finally made it into the top 2 in the final together with Pietro Lombardi on May 11, 2011. In the end she took the 2nd place with a percentage Vote count of 48.2%. (Source)

Although she didn’t win the show, her career took off from that point. Your interpretation of the final song “Call My Name”which Dieter Bohlen wrote for the two finalists place 2 in the German, Austrian and Swiss charts. Concrete sales figures have not yet been published.

You can listen to the song here:

Solo albums and other projects

On June 17, 2011, her second single “I Miss You”, a duet with Pietro Lombardi, which also entered the German charts at number 2. This was followed on June 24, 2011 Debut Album “Heartbeat”, which contained songs from DSDS and 8 other titles written by Dieter Bohlen. This work also ended up in second place in the charts. That same year she received the Napster Fan Award and a nomination at the CMA Young and Wild Awards.

Singles Discography Sarah Lombardi (Sarah Engels)
Sarah Lombardi – Discography (singles 2011 – 2018)

From November to December 2011, Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi went on their Germany tour, after which both artists appeared on the TV show “Night of the Dance”.

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In spring 2012 the singer played her first solo tour. In the summer of that year, she received an Echo nomination for Best Female Artist in the Rock/Pop National category for her album Heartbeat. This was followed by an appearance on the reality show “Star Race” on RTL.

In 2013, Sarah Lombardi brought this with her then-husband Pietro Collaboration Album “Dream Team” out of here. It was the first album by the two that was not produced by Bohlen. Compared to previous projects, the success of “Dream Team” was limited and it only reached number 33 in the German charts. The online magazine “” also criticized the album as “foreign shame”. 3 years later the two artists published their second collab album “Teil von mir”which received a similar response to its predecessor.

In June 2016, Sarah Lombardi reached as a participant in the TV show “Let’s Dance” the 2nd place. In November of the same year, a documentary “Sarah & Pietro – The Whole Truth” about the relationship between the two artists was broadcast on RTL2.

In 2018 she released her fourth studio album “Back to me” under her new stage name “Sarah” (no surname). It was significantly more successful than the last two offshoots and made it to number 18 in the German charts.

Sarah Lombardi discography (solo albums)
Sarah Lombardi – discography (studio albums 2011 – 2018)

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