Scooter (HP Baxxter) Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €35 million
Age: 58
Born: 03/16/1964
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

HP Baxxter has been one of the most successful German music acts for decades as the front man and figurehead of the formation Scooter. Scooter is not only very successful in Germany, but has sold more than 30 million records in over 50 countries since it was founded in 1993.

early life

Scooter, whose real name is Hans-Peter Geerdes, was born in 1964 in Leer, East Frisia, not far from the Dutch border. He grew up in a sheltered environment with his sister Britt, who is two years younger than him. During his childhood, he discovered a love for loud outfits and music. At the age of seven he received his first acoustic guitar, his grandmother taught him the first musical steps on the instrument. He quickly made a name for himself in his hometown with a gigantic sound system in his room and was known for his deafening early gigs. After graduating from high school, he began studying law.


But he ended his legal education in favor of music. After his paths crossed with the Hanoverian Rick Jordan, the two founded the band Celebrate The Nun together with Scooter’s sister in 1988, which released several records and even landed a hit in the US dance charts. After the band broke up, HP Baxxter was briefly involved in the remix band The Loop, before forming the band Scooter in 1993. In the band’s first track, a sequence was reminiscent of a bumper car, which gave the band its name: “Scooter” was born. The band already achieved a mega hit with one of their first hits: “Hyper, Hyper” not only landed in the top five in many countries across Europe, but quickly became the band’s style-defining trademark.

Career highlights

It didn’t stop with “Hyper, Hyper”, but Scooter delivered one hit after the other right at the beginning of their career and repeatedly placed themselves at the top of the German and international dance charts. “Endless Summer”, “Friends” and above all “Move Your Ass” got techno fans dancing all over Europe and made HP Baxxter a figurehead in the young dance and techno scene. It was the catchy melodies, the well-known samples in many songs and above all HP Baxxter’s commanding rap, as well as his charismatic appearance with his peroxide-blonde short haircut that made the band famous.

Other successes in Scooter’s career were “Fire” and “How much is the Fish”. Fire became the anthem of the American Football Team Rhein Fire Düsseldorf and caused goosebumps in the stadium. At the end of the 1990s, Scooter began with large indoor tours and effortlessly filled the large concert arenas in Germany. In addition to his own musical career, Scooter also became a music producer and is co-owner of the well-known music label KONTOR. With 23 top ten placements in the German music charts, which have been recorded since 1977, Scooter is one of the absolute top acts in Germany. He still tours with his formation in Germany and Europe and still fills the halls 25 years after it was founded. In addition, Scooter has made a name for itself in recent years by participating as a jury member at casting shows (e.g. X-Factor or Deutschland sucht den Superstar). In 2003 and 2004, Scooter received an Echo in the Artist or Group (Club/Dance/Techno) category for the songs “Maria” and “Nessaja” respectively. Scooter now lives in a luxurious property in Hamburg and is passionate about collecting classic cars, which have also been shown time and again in his videos.

Famous quotes

To this day, Scooter is inextricably linked to the title of his early hit “Hyper Hyper”, which has become a household name in the German language in the wake of his hit. The title of his song “How much is the fish” is still used today. This track was even featured on the well-known US talk show Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and there Scooter revealed the secret that he had actually recently bought a fish for the studio aquarium and this question had arisen in this context. Since Scooter was always a bit older than his target group, he was also concerned about his age. When a first star cut was published in BRAVO, he reacted by rejuvenating himself and arguing “On the Bravo profile, I first made myself two years younger. I thought, ‘It sucks to finally be in Bravo and it says you’re 30 years old’

Amazing Facts

Many legends surround the name “Äitsch Pi”, by which the singer is known everywhere. Supposedly it was his chemistry teacher who gave him this name based on his real name “Hans-Peter”. That the singer also has a lot of self-mockery, he made it clear when he released the song “Who the F. is HP Baxxter”. After two failed marriages, Baxxter has made a name for himself in recent years mainly through short-term relationships with very young girlfriends, so in 2018 he dated the Russian Liza, who was 34 years his junior.

Estimated value: €35 million