Sebastian Kamp's assets

Sebastian Kamp’s assets in 2023 Career & Relationship

Sebastian Kamps net worth: $5 million (estimated)

Along with Stefan Raab, Sarah Kuttner and Oliver Pocher, she was a familiar face on Viva: Gülcan Kamps. Today the presenter has an additional source of income. However, your biggest fantasy is the RTL jungle camp.

Sebastian Kamp's assets
Sebastian Kamp’s assets

Meerbusch – In 2002, at the age of 20, Gülcan Kamps was able to assert himself in the casting for the music channel Viva and secure one of the coveted presenter positions. She then spent seven years in front of the camera on the music channel until the collaboration ended in 2010. The reason for this is that Kamps no longer fit into the new concept. Meanwhile, Viva completed its 25-year term at the end of 2018.

After Viva, the native Turkish appeared irregularly on television, on the red carpet for RTL2’s “The Dome” or in some programs of the shopping channel Channel 21.

And what is Gülcan Kamps currently doing professionally? The 36-year-old revealed this in an interview with the tabloid Closer. “I work as a real estate agent,” the wife of prominent entrepreneur Sebastian Kamps is quoted as saying. She claims to sell land, apartments and houses in Mallorca and occasionally in Germany. Now she is even looking for a Mallorca office.

She continues to work as a presenter, for example at corporate events. She also conducts workshops for Sparkasse employees. “You don’t see it, but it’s true that that’s where the real money is made,” Kamps tells Closer.

The former Viva model considers RTL’s “I’m a star – get me out of here” to be her ultimate fantasy project – but not as a candidate. Instead, Gülcan plays with Sonja Zietlow, the moderator of the jungle camp. That’s why RTL already has a candidate when they don’t feel like it anymore. By the way, the salaries should also be reasonable there.

Gülcan Kamps, a former Viva presenter, is quite angry on Instagram. Disgusting texts have been ending up in the brunettes’ mailboxes for some time. Gulcan returns to Instagram after a long absence looking radically different.

Gülcan Kamps describes a difficult decision in an emotional Instagram post. Sebastian Kamps, her husband, also plays a decisive role.
Gülcan Kamps, 38, is in a difficult position just like the rest of us. The presenter has now decided against her feelings for good reason.

Of course everything revolves around Corona these days, with the lockdown and tightened regulations for the upcoming Christmas party, including for celebrities. How is this holiday commemorated? How many people are allowed? Above all, whose family reunion do we want to jeopardize and are we capable of personal responsibility? Gülcan has now answered these questions himself. The 38-year-old informed her followers of her decision via an Instagram post and also revealed the secret of her marriage to Sebastian Kamps, who is also 38.

“Last night my spouse and I [sic!] made an extremely emotional decision for us,” Gülcan begins the text. Since her public return, she avoids speaking about her private life and doesn’t have to deal with the question of whether she and Sebastian are still married. Therefore, their admirers are overjoyed at every piece of information, no matter how small.

Where does Gulcan Kamps live?

“For the first time in 15 years we will be celebrating Christmas as a couple. We discussed it with our loved ones for a long time and ultimately decided against our hearts. Believe me, [sic] It wasn’t an easy decision and it stuck.” multiple days. From one to the other. It was particularly challenging for me because I was always the party planner. Dinner, deco, music, roasted nuts and mulled wine are included,” Gülcan continues.

Then she appeals to her followers: “2020 will not pass us by unnoticed. This was a decision we made for our parents, for ourselves, and for the community. Even if we are theoretically ‘allowed’, we want to set a positive example and send a message to Corona [sic]. The infection statistics (especially this morning shocked me a lot). We don’t want to take any risks just because something isn’t explicitly forbidden. Please, dear friends, remember that this is not about us! Act prudently in the interest of our grandparents, you and our parents.”

Sebastian Kamp's assets
Sebastian Kamp’s assets

At VIVA she chatted live for several hours a day, conducted interviews with celebrities and thus established herself as a star. Gülcan Kamps has appeared on the covers of magazines, has been a frequent guest on television shows and even received an offer to direct his own documentary soap opera. Her wedding show, which included a live wedding ceremony, was shown in 2007.

Her private life with her spouse Sebastian Kamps became public overnight and their relationship attracted millions of viewers. Four years later, Gülcan considered the show a “wild concept” and would never again allow a camera crew to get that close.

Since then, Gülcan Kamps has not commented on their marriage or the negative headlines. On Thursday evening, the presenter made an exception in a live Instagram chat. Because: Your admirers have it again and again.

What does Sebastian Kamps work?

“Keep working, try more” – that is the slogan of the sixth and last category of the wealthy. That’s the mantra the new affluent generation lives by: “Children of wealthy parents who really let it rip.” At the same time, they concentrate on their professional lives and dream of a happy family.

Another is Sebastian Kamps, the son of Heiner Kamps, a billionaire baker who happens to be one of them. He rarely appears in public without his wife Gülcan, who is known on television as a gossip.

The bad news for the father is that the Kamps name was previously associated with economic success and social commitment. Now he also represents a young man who doesn’t need much more than beer, sports cars and the music of David Hasselhoff to be satisfied.

Sebastian Kamp's assets
Sebastian Kamp’s assets

He is also very sensitive when dealing with women. During a live broadcast in front of the camera, his Gülcan said that she felt uncomfortable. “Puke out there,” was Kamps junior’s only answer.

Sebastian Kamps drove down the aisle in a Lamborghini with “Ass on Grundeis”, a drop of reassurance hidden under a bandage and in the interior of the Lamborghini. Gülcan, the moderator, was waiting for us. Nice for ProSieben: The spirited chatterbox and the beefy luxury man form a dramatically attractive contrasting pair in their respective roles.

The Turkish-born actress continued to appear on television after leaving Viva, most recently on the red carpet for the RTL2 show “The Dome” and in some programs on the private channel Channel 21.

What is Kamps doing today?

Mr. Gülcan Kamps is still active in public life.
In addition to her television career, she also works as a real estate agent in the Düsseldorf area. They are also the producers of the podcast “Viva Forever”.

Gülcan still appears sporadically on television to this day. The actress made a one-off appearance on Big Brother in 2009 and appeared on the reality TV show Celebrity Shopping Queen in 2012.

She previously appeared on Let’s Dancing with dance partner Nikita Bazev in 2013, and her last television appearance was on Letters Battle in 2020.

According to Gülcan Kamps, she has relocated the center of her professional life to Spain. To be more precise, on the island of Mallorca. As she confessed to the “Bild” newspaper last year, she works as a real estate agent in Mallorca, where she helps her clients to find an apartment in the southwest of the island with sea views.

Even if this change in Gülcan’s life may come as a surprise to his viewers, the former Viva presenter does not believe it. After graduating from high school, her “plan A” was to study business administration with a focus on real estate, she says.

“The world of real estate has always captured my attention and I was eager to learn everything I could about it. A few years ago I had the opportunity to break into this business and jumped at the chance to embark on this exciting new journey.”

Sebastian Kamp's assets
Sebastian Kamp’s assets

Kamps was born the eldest son of a baker and grew up with his six siblings on a farm near Bocholt. Water polo was his first sport at the age of 14, and he played in the German water polo league until he was 25. After graduating from high school, he began working as a baker in his parents’ bakery.