Semino Rossi Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €10 million
Age: 60
Born: 05/29/1962
Country of origin: Argentina
Source of Wealth: crooner
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

He almost embarked on a genuine “Baywatch” career. But then the merciless romantic in him came through and he chose a musical career. Semino Rossi, who loves sunsets on the beach and has married his current wife twice, has been one of the biggest figures in the German hit scene for many years – and with his sentimental ballads he could even melt the ice caps completely.

early life

Semino Rossi was born in Argentina in 1962, more precisely in the industrial metropolis of Rosario. His real name is Omar Ernesto. Semino is his family’s surname. Omar’s mother Esther, with whom he still has a close relationship today, takes care of her own children but also of those in the area who have even less and come to beg for alms.

The Seminos are all very musical. The father works as a tango singer, the mother is a pianist and teaches her son to play the piano. In addition, Omar teaches himself to play the guitar. At the age of six he was already quite sure: he would like to be a singer one day.

Nevertheless, he initially takes a completely different direction. He completed an eight-month, certified Red Cross lifeguard course and rescued at least 15 people from the deadly floods in numerous operations. He also gives swimming lessons to children and sings in pubs on the weekends. But no one is really interested in young Omar’s music. In 1985, at the age of 23, he decided to leave his homeland and emigrate to Europe, hoping for more career opportunities.


His first path leads him to Spain, since he is at least familiar with the language there. He lives on the Costa del Sol, goes looking for work, asks in all the hotels whether there is a need for musical entertainment for the guests. Without success. A good friend suggests that he simply try it as a street musician. Said and done. In fact, Omar earns enough money to cover his daily expenses of food, shelter and clothing. He gambles on the street, wanders from table to table in restaurants and lives off the money that people give him.

He also spends some time in Italy and Switzerland, always looking for new opportunities to make music, until he finally ends up in Austria. Here, too, he tries to make a living with street music, performances in hotels and restaurants. The whole thing does not bring him large amounts of money, but he does get to know the “love of his life” – midwife Gabi from South Tyrol, who – impressed by his singing skills – gives him a penny one evening. 20 shillings that will change Omar’s life forever. In 1991 the two married.

Meanwhile, Omar swings from engagement to engagement, trying to survive the dry spells of the season by spending winters in Austria and summers in Spain making music. He also writes to various record companies in Germany, but gets no answer. Instead, he at least manages to land larger orders in the form of appearances at important dance competitions. Among other things, he supports the World Championship for Latin American Dances in Innsbruck. At some point he is even invited to a championship in Moscow in the Kremlin, which is broadcast in front of 40 million television viewers.

The year 2001 is a fateful year for Omar anyway. At a private birthday party he makes music and eventually strikes up a conversation with someone who happens to have contact with Franz Koch – the head of a record company. Koch calls Omar just a few days later and asks him if he might be interested in singing hits. Omar doesn’t hesitate for a moment, sensing his great opportunity, even though he can hardly speak a word of German – let alone sing. His future manager gives him an intensive language course that lasts for years.

And so it is that Omar released his debut album “Alles aus Liebe” under the name Semino Rossi in 2004. Although it sells well, it still takes a little while for Omar or Semino to gain a certain level of fame, which turns out to be not so easy. The hit scene is looking for young blood, but Semino is already an “older man”. After all, it is Florian Silbereisen who gives him the chance to sing in his show “Feste der Volksmusik” – Semino Rossi’s first television appearance, and more are to follow. “When the music plays”, “Welcome to Carmen Nebel” and the “Musikantenstadl” are on the program. And Semino is growing in popularity, especially among women.

With the album “I think of you” from 2006, he catapulted himself to number 1 in the German and Austrian hit parades for the first time. His first solo tour follows and his second marriage to Gabi, whom he marries in his home country with his Argentinian family.

In the following years, Semino released 15 more albums – not counting the tour and special editions. The 2019 album “So ist das Leben” also includes Spanish songs, including a cover version of the hit “Amoi seg ma uns wieder” by Andreas Gabalier.

Semino Rossi lives with his wife Gabi and their two children Vanessa and Laura in Mils near Hall in Tirol and recently became a grandfather.

Career highlights

Over the years, Semino Rossi has already scooped numerous prizes, including the Echo, the Austrian Amadeus Austrian Music Award three times, the Krone der Volksmusik twice, the Golden Hen, the Golden Tuning Fork and the Golden Enzian. He was also able to delight illustrious eminence and celebrities with his singing, including Queen Beatrix, Andrea Bocelli and the Swarovski family.

Famous quotes

Semino Rossi is resigned to fate and very religious. He always carries a picture of the Madonna with him, which he kisses before every stage performance. His unshakable faith gives him the strength to overcome life’s hurdles and the challenges of his life as a singer. “Life is the way it is, sometimes not the way we would like it to be,” he says resignedly. “Then we have to try to make the best of it. You also have to be willing to fight. My faith has helped me in difficult situations, the trust that there is someone who guides.”

Amazing Facts

Like his mother, Semino Rossi is very socially involved, proving that he not only sings about deep feelings, but also has them. In 2013 he donated the fee for a benefit concert to the victims of the flood catastrophe that spanned seven countries at the time. He is also intensively committed to the poor children in his home country Argentina. Thanks to his help, numerous improvements have been made in the areas of schooling, housing, nutrition and medicine. But he also works for Welthungerhilfe and the organization Sternstunden. Maybe an attempt to give back something of what was put into his cradle, because he says his voice was given to him by God.

Estimated value: €10 million