Serdar Somuncu Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €3 million
Age: 54
Born: 06/03/1968
Country of origin: Turkey
Source of Wealth: Cabaret artist, author, musician, director and politician
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Serdar Somuncu is a Turkish cabaret artist, musician, author, director and politician who has been living in Germany for many years. Serdar Somuncu is best known for standing in the 2017 federal elections as the candidate for chancellor of Die PARTEI. Serdar Somuncu is also known to many for his occasional roles as a voice actor.

early life

After his childhood and youth, which Serdar Somuncu spent in Germany, he began studying music, acting and directing at the Maastricht Conservatory and then at the State University of Music in Wuppertal. He successfully completed both courses. After that, Serdar Somuncu had the opportunity to stage more than 100 plays at locations including the Neuss Shakespeare Festival, the Forum in Wuppertal and the TiB in Frankfurt. Serdar Somuncu also appeared as an actor, so Serdar Somuncu received engagements at many theaters in Bochum, Bremen, Milan and Oberhausen. In addition, Serdar Somuncu was able to take on various roles in television series, for example in the programs Black intervenes, in the Lindenstrasse, in Dr. Psycho and the lawyer Samir Chada can be seen in the crime scene. Serdar Somuncu was also able to shine with great success in another area: As a speaker, he was given the opportunity to set radio plays to music several times. One of Serdar Somuncu’s clients was the broadcaster WDR, among others.


One of his particular successes in 1996 was a scenic reading with excerpts from Hitler’s book Mein Kampf. As a result, he appeared in many theaters and reached a large audience. Serdar Somuncu achieved great success with the public with the tour that started thereafter, titled Estate of a Mass Murderer. He appeared in a total of 1,428 appearances in front of more than 250,000 spectators. He was subsequently named “Man of the Year 1996” by the taz. Because of this success, there was a sequel from 2001, with Serdar Somuncu reciting excerpts from the 1943 Speech by Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels. Serdar Somuncu had further performances with scenic readings with various short stories from his book Separate Accounts, where he also reported on current political situations.

From 2005 to 2007, Serdar Somuncu moderated his own stage talk show, which took place under the title Schöner Reden. With this show, Serdar Somuncu performed alternately in the Bonn Pantheon, with the Berlin Wühlmäusen and in the Düsseldorf Zakk or in the Neusser Kulturkeller. Among the guests he has invited during the show are well-known people such as Matto Barfuss, Hennes Bender, Kurt Krömer, Martin Sonneborn, Georg Ringsgwandl, Johann König, John Doyle, Dirk Bach, the politician Claudia Roth and also Vivian Schmitt .

As of June 14, 2008, the artist began hosting an internet show called Hatenight, where he regularly reported on current affairs once a week. After the first 50 episodes were distributed via the Internet, the artist was blocked by the video portal from 2009 without warning for reasons of content. The portal deleted all his videos. The artist later appeared on Sevenload. It hit the artist again when it was announced that the show would be legally canceled because it would contain content that was too spicy. The program was then passed on, but only after tough negotiations, it was allowed to continue being produced, but was then shortened and defused. In 2010, Serdar Somuncu published another book called Carnival in millions.

Career highlights

Serdar Somuncu was the top candidate in the 2017 federal elections and stood there for Die PARTEI. He managed to get a direct mandate in his Berlin-Friedrichshain – Kreuzberg – Prenzlauer Berg Ost constituency. Serdar Somuncu immediately received 7.2% of the first votes in his constituency. Together with Niels Ruf, Serdar Somuncu regularly hosts a podcast called Tischtalke. The 2018 premiere of his production of George Tabori’s Mein Kampf took place at the municipal theater in Constance.

Famous quotes

  • “No wonder, then, that we join the debates of the general public and would rather think about who belongs to us than argue about solutions together. Anyone who is not with me is against me.”
  • “What a tragedy that a Nazi dies in a right-hand bend because he accelerates too much!”

Amazing Facts

Serdar Somuncu became famous primarily for his contemporary interpretation of Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf. With appropriate wit and subtle irony, he takes aim at the contradictions found in the book and brilliantly dissects the dictator’s theses. The great interest of listeners led to the fact that the artist performed with the program for many years. The reading was heard in many cities in Germany. A total of over 100,000 people took part.

Estimated value: €3 million