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Shindy Net Worth in 2022 Career & Relationship

shindy (civil Michael Konrad Schindler) is a German rapper, who is mainly known for his musical collaboration with Bushido became known, from whom he has now been separated for about a year. Once again, we’ve done some serious research and show you the rapper’s potential Net Worth.

How much money does Shindy have?

On October 7, 2015, GQ magazine published an interview with the artist, in which he mentioned that he is currently still on his way to a million. At the end of the interview, he also announced that he would be Aim to be a millionaire by the age of 30 to be, will reach much earlier. At the moment there is no official statement from Shindy himself regarding his exact bank balance or how rich Shindy is.

Considering all available sources, that is net worth of Shindy in 2019 at least 6 million dollars.

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What is Shindy’s net worth made up of?

It should be clear to everyone that Michael Schindler earns most of his money with music. However, he published his first book, his biography “Der Schöne und die Beats” in 2016 and has been releasing new merchandise (clothing) regularly since his comeback.

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The following sources of income are currently known:

Future Income Sources

  • “Untouchable Tour” (from 2020)

income from music

Shindy’s career began in 2012, when he first came into contact with Bushido through his then rap colleague Kay One. From 2013 Shindy signed the label contract with Bushido’s label “Ers Guter Junge” and was heard for the first time in the music video with him as a feature in the song “Panamera Flow” (on the album “AMYF”). From then on, the artist’s career went up steeply and with his second album “FBGM” he was able to sell more than 160,000 units to date (gold status). The first album “NWA” was indexed shortly after release due to the song “Stress ohne Grund”, however Shindy released the album a few days later with a new version of the song “Stress mit Grund” (and 3 other new songs) under the album name ” NWA 2.0” out.

Discography of Shindy (solo albums)
Shindy discography: solo albums and sales figures

At that time he was not yet a rap millionaire, but his Net Worth could have been several hundred thousand dollars at that time. This was followed by the joint collaboration album “CLA$$IC” with label boss Bushido, which again achieved more than 100,000 sales. This results in a Approximate gross sales of around 250,000 – 500,000 dollars. In addition, there is a tour during which the two artists traveled throughout Germany, Vienna and Zurich and performed their songs together on stage. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly determine how much money Shindy earned with it.

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Shindy (CLA$$IC) collab album
Shindy Discography: Collaboration Album with Bushido

On May 11, 2016, rapper “Ali Bumaye”, who is also signed to the label “EGJ”, released the single “Sex ohne Grund” from his album “Rumble in the Jungle” with Shindy as a featured guest. The song went through the roof and initially reached gold status (200,000 singles sold) and a little later even platinum status (400,000 units sold). The first gold and platinum single by the two artists! Again, it’s very difficult to estimate how much Shindy earned from it, since this is Ali Bumaye’s album.

"Sex For No Reason" - Shindy & Ali Bumaye
“Sex for no reason” – Shindy & Ali Bumaye, 2016

Update 2019: Shindy founded the label and released an album

After almost two years of silence around Shindy, the artist returns in January 2019 with his newly founded music label “Friends with Money”, an album announcement (DRAMA) and the first single release “DODI” – and is more popular than ever. The fans think that he is revolutionizing the current sound of German rap. A little later came the second single “Affalterbach”. This caused a media sensation after Shindy published the song version with the hook sung by Shirin David – without her permission. The song was removed from all platforms a week later and a new, almost identical version was released.

At the current time (May 2019), the first single “DODI” was streamed 32,602,063 times on Spotify. The second single “Affalterbach” has 22,915,691 streams. The rapper is alone with that with the first two songs of the album – only with Spotify – more than 160,000 dollars turnover generated. Added to this are official sales on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, as well as income from YouTube and album pre-orders.

His estimated turnover in 2019 should be close to the 500,000 dollar mark.

May 10th, 2019 – New single “Nautilus”

Shindy’s third single from the album “DRAMA” was released on May 10, 2019 at midnight. Just 13 hours after publication, the music video on YouTube cracks the 1,000,000 views. 36 hours after the release, the video has had 2,700,000 views – a complete success.

In the track, he raps the line “…and 50,000 units is a flop for me,” implying that Michael Schindler estimates his album’s sales to be well in excess of 50,000. We’ll keep you up to date….

June 21, 2019 – New single “EFH”

The fourth single from Shindy’s album “DRAMA” will be released on June 21st, 2019 at midnight. The title “EFH” should stand for the word “single-family house”. More info to come…

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