Sido Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €9 million
Age: 41
Born: 11/30/1980
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Paul Hartmut Würdig, better known as Sido, is a German rapper from Berlin with Iranian and Sinti roots. At the beginning of the 2000s, Sido was one of the best-known musicians in the country and had a decisive influence on ghetto rap with his label Aggro Berlin. To date, the Berliner has sold several million records and is still loyal to hip hop. In addition, Sido also appeared in various entertainment shows. He was a juror in various talent shows in Germany and Austria. The Berlin rapper was also active as an actor and could be seen in several films and series on television and on the big screen.

early life

The rapper Sido was born on November 30th, 1980 as the son of a Sintiza and a German father in East Berlin. He grew up in the GDR until he was eight years old, before his mother’s application to leave the country was approved by the country’s authorities and the family moved to the western part of the city. They later moved to the Märkisches Viertel in Berlin, where Sido finally finished school after the ninth grade. Sido started rapping as a teenager and eventually gave up training as a teacher in favor of his rap career. Sido took his first steps at a higher level through events in the basement pub Royal Bunker and also got to know his later rap colleagues.


Together with his friend and later roommate Bobby Davis, also known as B-Tight in the rap scene, Sido founded the rap duo Royal TS, which later became Die Sekte. After the separation of Royal Bunker and its managing director Marcus Staiger, Die Sekte was signed by Aggro Berlin.

Sido became known nationwide through joint albums with his colleagues from Aggro Berlin. The Berlin rapper finally achieved his breakthrough in 2004 with the song “Mein Block” and the studio album “Maske” that followed a little later, which was awarded the gold record directly due to high sales. The Berlin rapper initially performed with just that mask in his early years, but took it off for the first time at the Bundesvision Song Contest in 2005 in favor of an image change. Since then, Sido has increasingly appeared publicly without masking.

In 2008, the Berlin rapper landed at the top of the album charts in Germany for the first time with his album Ich und meine Maske. From then on, Sido tried his hand at a music style that was more suitable for the masses. This shift propelled Sido to even greater commercial success. Features with pop singers such as Mark Forster and Adel Tawil soon followed.

Sido also made a particular appearance in casting shows. For the first time he acted as a juror in the 2007 season of the ProSieben show “Popstars”. Between 2012 and 2013 he also took part in the Austrian television talent show “Die Große Chance”. His appearances as a juror and coach in the German music talent show “The Voice of Germany”, in which he has been part of the ensemble since 2019, caused a sensation in Germany. In addition to occasional appearances in various entertainment programs on television, Sido has also appeared on the big screen, among other things. As an actor, he took part in the 2011 feature film Blutzbrüdaz, for example.

Career highlights

Sido released his first single as a solo artist on April 4th, 2004 with “Mein Block” and reached number 13 in the charts. His debut album “Mask”, which was released three weeks later, was also commercially successful and placed third in the album charts. In the same year, Sido received his first award, the Comet, in the “Newcomer National” category. In 2013, Sido’s first album “30-11-18” was released, which received platinum status in Germany. In addition, Sido was seen on the big screen for the first time in 2009 in the film “Männersache”.

Famous quotes

“I’ve always had a problem with being reduced to this mask. My music is too good for that. I’ve always felt like people only celebrate me because I’m a guy with a silver mask.”

“My career does not consist of an image, but of me, the person. I was 18 when you first heard me. I’m different today.”

“I’ve grown up. And I want to be authentic. I’m not going to start a battle with a rap colleague because then my record will sell better.”

Amazing Facts

Today it is known that Sido was not born in western Berlin, but in the part of today’s capital that belonged to the GDR. For a long time, however, the rapper denied his origins. He finally addressed them publicly for the first time in 2009 in the song “Hey du!”.

Sido is not only successful in show business. The Berlin rapper also earns his money with his own spirits brand called “Kabumm”, a tattoo studio and a self-founded hip-hop label.

Sido was not only a juror in various talent shows, but also has a family connection with them. So he is a second cousin of the DSDS second from 2010 Menowin Fröhlich.

Estimated value: €9 million