Signal gets a boost after WhatsApp unveils new privacy policy

Signal gets a boost after WhatsApp unveils new privacy policy

The encrypted app has seen a sudden surge in its signup after WhatsApp updates privacy policy

Encrypted messaging app Signal has seen a sudden rise in signups and some new users are receiving delayed verification messages, especially on some networks. The signal is run by a non-profit organization.

The surge comes at the back of new WhatsApp terms of service and privacy policy which clearly states that WhatsApp will now share data with the other Facebook companies, which owns WhatsApp since 2014. It was initially said that the bare minimum data will be required with Facebook, that too, only when it is required. The renowned app is asking people to accept the new terms and conditions by February 8, or it will stop working for them. The changes will, however, be, not applicable to the UK and the European Union users.

The WhatsApp founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum left the company in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Acton has spoken about his departure, which followed the decision to introduce ads to WhatsApp, and has called for people to “delete Facebook.” It is believed that Koum left the company after differences with the management over the privacy policy.

The Elon Musk effect

Elon Musk has just become the world’s richest person and has been known for his over the top personality. However, Musk is one of the main people behind the sudden rise of signal. After the news broke that Whatsapp will be sharing data with other Facebook apps, Musk shared a meme with his social media followers that roasted Faceook. Later in the day, he asked his followers to use signal.

A new beginning?

Whatsapp has been one of the most recognizable apps in the last decade. When it came, many messengers and other similar apps faded away.  The rise of the Signal app could potentially dent Whatsapp in time to come. As they say, the only constant in this world is change.

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