Silvia Wollny Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €700,000
Age: 57
Born: 02/05/1965
Source of Wealth: Reality TV Actress
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

The Wollny family comes from a very poor background. With the start of the TV documentary “The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family” in 2011, a new life began for Silvia Wollny and her family. This created the opportunity to earn a lot of money.

early life

Silvia Wollny was born on February 5th, 1965 in Neuss. She has completed vocational training as a hotel specialist. Before she became a TV star, she was in this profession. With the start of the documentation and the associated effort, however, Silvia Wollny no longer had time for her actual job. Nevertheless, she encouraged her children to get an education. Silvia Wollny has eleven children with the following names:

– Sarafina Wollny

– Estefania Wollny

– Calantha Wollny

– Sylvana Wollny

– Jeremy Pascal Wollny

– Lavinia Wollny

– Loredana Wollny

– Jessica Birkenheuer

– Sarah-Jane Wollny

– Sascha Wollny

– Patrick Wollny

All children apart from Jeremy-Pascal, Jessica, Patrick and Sascha play a role in the documentary. Silvia Wollny’s family lives under one roof with her husband Harald Elsenbast. Silvia’s daughter Sylvana already has two children named Celina-Sophie and Anastasia. Sylvana’s husband is called Florian Köster. Sarafina’s husband’s name is Peter and Calantha has a daughter named Cathaleya.


Silvia Wollny’s career started on January 17th, 2011 with the TV documentary “Die Wollnys – A Terrible Big Family” on RTL2. This was the breakthrough for Silvia Wollny. In this reality TV show, the everyday life of the Wollny family is accompanied by a camera team. The camera team also accompanied the complex conversion of a restaurant in Ratheim into the Wollnys’ house. Thanks to the reality TV show, Silvia Wollny also made it into the hit industry. In the show, the cohesion of the extended family is in the foreground. Silvia’s exclamation, with which she calls eight of her children in a row, is particularly striking. She has also appeared on various TV magazines and talk shows such as SAM, We are Family! and “point 12” on.

Dieter Wollny separated in September 2012. Silvia Wollny accused him of infidelity and violence. Dieter Wollny, on the other hand, was of the opinion that Silvia was forcing her children into the limelight and that’s why he tried to prevent the show. The split was not publicly announced until April 2014. Dieter Wollny has not been seen since the breakup. It is only known that he is with a new woman named Manuela, who became aware of Dieter through the show. As a result, the show “Silvia home alone” was created. This show was about Silvia Wollny’s life after the breakup.

Two years after the breakup, Harald Elsenbast appeared. Silvia and he were head over heels in love, moved and have been officially a couple since February 13th, 2014. They have been engaged since November 2018. Silvia’s children accepted the new man in their life after a short time.

In 2016, a new show by the Wollny family called “Lecker Schmecker Wollny” was created. Cooking is the focus of this show. The conditions were that Silvia had to cook a three-course menu based on a specific theme. No more than five euros should be spent per head. Two years later she won the sixth season of the TV show “Promi Big Brother” and was seen on Sat. 1 breakfast television. Silvia’s daughter Sarafina said yes to her husband Peter on July 13, 2019 in front of the camera. This was a special event for the whole family as well as for the spectators.

The Wollny family has arrived in the social media world since 2020 and has independent accounts. In addition to the production at RTL2, the family now also earns their money from it. Silvia and her daughters Sarafina, Estefania, Sylvana, Sarah-Jane and Calantha operate product placements in their Instagram stories. Sarafina’s husband Peter is also involved. The family advertises beauty and make-up as well as sports brands and handyman tools. This advertising is paid per follower.

Career highlights

– 2011: Made famous by the RTL2 reality TV show “The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family”.

– 2014: New man and new love named Harald Elsenbast in Silvia Wollny’s life.

– 2018: Silvia Wollny won the sixth season of the TV show “Celebrity Big Brother”.

– 2019: The wedding of Silvia’s daughter Sarafina and her husband Peter on July 13, 2019 in front of the camera.

– 2020: Social media boom. The entire Wollny family goes into the influencer business and earns a lot of money.

Famous quotes

“The Pope can clap his ass cheeks.”

“S’Läba isch koin Schlotzer – but au koi Gosch full of thumbtacks.”

“That’s not true, you rotten Ottos!”

“What is chilling? I only know that as chili in a can and for seasoning”

“Sylvana, Sarafina, Sarah-Jane, Lavinia, Calantha, Estefania, Loredana!”

Amazing Facts

– After winning “Prommi BigBrother”, Silvia Wollny founds the association “Silvia hilft eV” with a sum of 100,000 euros.

– Silvia Wollny suffered from a cheese addiction for four years.

– Due to the unusual names of the children, there is no confusion when they are called children.

Estimated value: €700,000