Simon Unge Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2 million
Age: 31
Born: 08/31/1990
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: influencers
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

The “Unge” known under his pseudonym is called Simon Wiefels. Simon has been very successful with his videos on YouTube for almost 9 years, because he regularly publishes so-called Let’s Plays, vlogs and live streams.

He gained greater fame primarily through Let’s Plays for the game Minecraft. For some time now he has been commenting on the videos of other YouTube channels in live streams and then uploading compilations of them.

He has already reached more than 3 million subscribers with his channel, which he has not actively operated since December 2014. His channel was promoted and operated by the “Mediakraft” network, he was under contract with Mediakraft for years, but ultimately fell out with the network. Because of this he opened his new channel “unge”, with his new channel he met with great response and was able to continue his work as a You-Tuber very successfully. Since his contract with Mediakraft has now expired, he has now reactivated his channel “unplayed”.

early life

Simon was born in Erkelenz near Mönchengladbach and grew up with his siblings with his mother. His father died very early when Simon was only nine years old. After finishing school, he began training as an educator, which he successfully completed in 2013.

As a result of his successful You-Tube career, he moved to Cologne in 2014. In the beginning, Unge shared the apartment with other You-Tube colleagues, so this temporarily resulted in a flat share.


His career went uphill quite quickly, he has over a billion video views in total. You can see from his uploaded videos that he is one of the most hard-working influencers. Because with over 3000 published videos, he is certainly one of the YouTubers with the most uploaded videos.

At the beginning of his career he still wore dreadlocks in his early videos, but now he wears his hair short. His videos quickly had a high number of clicks, especially his Let’s Plays in the Minecraft scene.

He also likes to do live streams via Twitch and thus uses two platforms for his streams. As a result, he opened other channels on You-Tube, such as the “unclicked” or “portrait” channel.

Career highlights

There are quite a few highlights in his career, one of which is definitely his longboard tour with his You-Tube friends Dner and Julien Bam. On this tour they rode around 1400 kilometers on the longboard from Sylt via Kiel, through other cities such as Hamburg and Magdeburg, to Füssen and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle.

During this tour they were accompanied by the Stern-TV team, after that Unge was a guest on the show.

Another highlight was the world tour announced for 2015, which began in April 2015 in Los Angeles. He stayed there for a good two months with a short break in Costa Rica. His viewers were able to help determine the travel route via the Supz app. During this trip, he had different companions with him, and there were frequent interruptions on the trip because other projects were being worked on in the meantime.

Unge knows exactly what he wants and what his audience likes, so we can look forward to many more exciting projects in the future.

Amazing Facts

Simon is considered to be very sociable, which is why he seems to be so popular with his fans and You-Tube colleagues.

He decided to emigrate to Madeira (Portuguese island) at the end of 2018, where he has lived in the capital Funchal ever since.

Before his job as an educator, he also came into contact with mentally handicapped people because he worked for such an institution.

Years later, when he was already a You-Tuber, in one of his tweets he used the word “disabled” in connection with an insult. He was then sharply criticized by an activist, he immediately deleted the message and apologized to said activist.

Simon has been avoiding animal products for several years, and he likes to address this in his videos and streams.

His favorite color is green, which is often reflected in his life and can often be seen in his videos.

After a longer relationship break, he is back with his girlfriend Caty, who has also been running a You-Tube channel called “CatyCake” for some time.

He also always draws attention to himself with new campaigns, so he recently planned a 30-day live stream.

He flew to the rainforest with DeChangeman in 2015 to work together for the WWF and the VivaAmazonia campaign. The goal of this campaign was to prevent worrying government bills opening up wildlife sanctuaries for exploitation.

Estimated value: €2 million