Six children among 14 persons killed in Kurram Agency landmine blast

Six children among 14 persons killed in Kurram Agency landmine blast

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif strongly condemned the coward attack and directed authorities to provide best medical facilities.

At least fourteen persons including six children were killed and several other people got injured in a landmine blast in Godar area of tribal Kurram Agency today morning.

According to the political administration of the area, an improvised explosive device buried on the roadside was hit by a van that was heading to Sadda from Godar.

“An anti-tank mine was buried on the roadside and hit a pick-up van,” a political administration official told the media. “It was a rutted path in an area that is at a distance,” he added.

The injured were shifted to Sadda hospital but reportedly there were no doctor at the spot, later on wounded persons were carried to Parachinar Headquarters Hospital, where it takes hours to reach Parachinar.

One woman and six children were died at the spot, whereas the others succumbed to injuries afterwards, as per initial reports.

Doctors at Parachinar Headquarters Hospital said the condition of three of the injured was critical.

According to a statement by Intra Services Public relations – ISPR, a special helicopter M-17 aircraft that has reached Parachinar for relief operation, special helicopter shifted some critical injured persons to Peshawar. While security forces have launched a search operation in the surrounding area.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, interior minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan and Chairman PTI Imran Khan strongly condemned the tragic blast and instructed authorities to provide best medical facilities to the injured.

Kurram Agency has been targeted by militants and terrorists apparently. A few days before at least 24 people were killed due to a blast outside an imam bar gah whereas another incident of the same nature left a man injured during the last month.

The recent terrorist activities in Kurram Agency is due to geographical location, where Kurram Agency shares a long border route with Afghanistan.

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