Sky’s the limit? US firm to build the first space hotel by 2027

Sky’s the limit? US firm to build the first space hotel by 2027

The company plans to begin the construction by 2025 and expects the construction to be completed in a couple of years

There is no limit to human ambition and want for thrill. A US-based space construction company, Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), is helping the adventurers to further their agenda as it plans to make the world’s first “space hotel”. The hotel is meant to accommodate about 400 people, and the construction should begin in 2025, as per the company.

The company said in a tweet it will need to send out many starships before the pods can be assembled in the space. The space station will have 24 habitation modules, each 20 meters long and 12 meters wide. The company plans to make this “space hotel” in low Earth orbit operational by 2027.

“Around 44 Starship launches will be required to send all the Voyager Station pieces in orbit, where they will then be assembled by pods and drones operated by the work crews staying in the Operation and Control Center located in the Inner Ring,” OAC said in a tweet. “Voyager Station will be in a high sun-synchronous polar orbit, between 500 and 550km, where it will offer tourists and other station occupants a view of the entire surface of Earth,” it added.

John Blincow, chief executive of Orbital Assembly, in a recent interview said that the coronavirus pandemic may ultimately delay the construction start date from its original 2025 projection. He also said that the hospitality will be top-notch and food will be made by the very best chefs.

“It’s a historic moment,” Blincow said. “You’re going to have the top chefs making really, really good food. And when you pay $5 million to go someplace, it’s not going to be burgers and fries.”

The concept is certainly very interesting and if successfully executed, it should be the next biggest destination for the world’s rich and famous.

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