Sonja Zietlow Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €5 million
Age: 54
Born: 05/13/1968
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: moderator
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Sonja Zietlow is a German presenter who has hosted various entertainment programs for more than two decades.

She owes her fame today to a large extent to the show “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” on RTL, which she has presented since 2004. She has been married to TV author Jens Oliver Haas since 2002 and lives with him in Munich.

early life

Sonja Zietlow was born in Bonn, but spent most of her childhood with her mother and sister in Bergisch Gladbach. After graduating from high school, Sonja Zietlow first worked as an animator before beginning training as an airline pilot. She then worked for three years as first officer on board a Boeing 737 at Lufthansa.

An appearance as a candidate in the show “Herz ist Trumpf” on Sat1 should turn her life completely upside down.

After the show, Sonja Zietlow received the offer to work as a television presenter in the future. Understandably, Zietlow was still skeptical at first and only took a holiday with Lufthansa to see how everything should develop. But it soon became very clear that her future was in television, so she eventually switched industries.


As already mentioned, Sonja Zietlow’s impressive career started out of nowhere when she was discovered during the show “Herz ist Trumpf”, in which she had only participated as a contestant.

But soon the first own formats followed, which she was allowed to present as a presenter. In the beginning there were children’s programs and smaller game shows, but from 1997 Zietlow had her own afternoon talk show on Sat1. She then moderated this for around four years until 2001. When she then became the moderator of today’s cult show “I’m a Star Get Me Out of Here!” in 2004. took over, she finally became known to an audience of millions. To this day, the show is probably Sonja Zietlow’s best-known format and probably also one of the best-known on German television. In addition, since 2005 she has been moderating the show “Die 10 …” in which a wide variety of rankings are presented.

In addition to these recurring formats, Zietlow has regularly moderated numerous other major shows over the years.

Career highlights

If you take a closer look at Sonja Zietlow’s career, it becomes clear that there are some big highlights that stand out from her already impressive career. Below are the greatest moments:

1993: Start of her first own show “Bim Bam Bino”

1997: Start of her daily talk show “Sonja”

2004: Presenter on “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!”

Famous quotes

  • “I’m someone who tries things out myself, seeks thrills. People need adventure in everyday life.”
  • “It’s satisfying when you can share a small part of your happiness.”
  • “We don’t stop at making fun of ourselves. We are always cheeky, so to speak, but also always honest.”
  • “You’re happy about it, but I’m proud of something else.”

The quotes make it clear once again how down-to-earth Sonja Zietlow has remained throughout her impressive career. She’s happy about success, but doesn’t pride herself on it. It is much more important to her to use her success and her celebrity in a meaningful way for charitable projects. She is a great example of how great success and a humble, big-hearted personality can go hand in hand.

Amazing Facts

In addition to her career as a moderator, Sonja Zietlow is very active in animal welfare. She has been supporting various projects for many years and has also co-founded the association “Protective Instincts” and is also a prominent patron.

Since 2012, she has also regularly donated private clothing and other items so that they can then be auctioned off for charitable purposes on the charity auction platform United Charity.

Zietlow met her current husband while shooting together. The television author Jens Oliver Haas is supposed to support her not only privately, but also professionally. He is said to be at least jointly responsible for a large part of their moderation templates, including the jungle camp on RTL.

Thanks to her proven IQ of 132, Sonja Zietlow can officially count herself among the gifted.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Sonja Zietlow was also declared one of the best German amateur golfers in 2016. Her impressive handicap is 4.8!

Estimated value: €5 million