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Stefan Lemcke Ankerkraut Net Worth in 2022 Career & Relationship

Stefan Lemcke Ankerkraut Net Worth
Stefan Lemcke Ankerkraut Net Worth

Stefan Lemcke Ankerkraut Net Worth – It is based in Jesteburg, Germany and is owned by Ankerkraut GmbH. The company belongs to Frank Thelen’s so-called food family, which also includes six other companies in the food industry. Spices, spice combinations, salts and teas are just a few of the more than 260 items in the range. The company now sells cookbooks written by its employees.

Ankerkraut GmbH was founded in 2013 with an entry fee of 50,000 euros. Stefan Lemcke is still the managing director today, and his wife Anne Lemcke also works there. Ankerkraut uses both as public faces and testimonials. There has been a registered word mark for the term “Ankerkraut” since April 2013.

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2016 Through his appearance in season 3 of The Cave Lion, Frank Thelen became an investor in Ankerkraut GmbH and invested 300,000 euros for a 20% stake in the company. “Startup-DNA”, Thelen’s autobiography, goes deep into the history of his commitment.

In 2017, the company employed 70 people and had sales of $9 million. With a turnover of 12.6 million euros in 2018, the company has a market share of 2%. April 2018 an exclusive distribution agreement in the food retail trade. On September 11, 2018, the company was a finalist in the “Newcomer” category of the German Founder’s Prize.

With this, Ankerkraut has successfully penetrated the German spice market, which was previously dominated by Fuchs. Stefan Lemcke from ANKERKRAUT learned to appreciate and enjoy African cuisine in the restaurant as a child. Simple, handmade curries with their intense aroma and flavor have fascinated him ever since.

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The spices, herbs and peppercorns found in African marketplaces cannot be tasted or smelled outside of the region, making them an invaluable addition to the meal. Due to their long journey to our region, however, it is always a question of the right processing and storage so that people can bring their unique fragrance home intact.

Stefan Lemcke Ankerkraut Net Worth

Stefan’s idea became a family business in 2013 when his wife Anne joined forces with him and took over the management of the company. In the beginning, the two Lemckes produced and packaged their products in their home kitchens, which took up a considerable part of their free time. While the second child was born at the same time, passion and conviction were strong enough to survive the trials until the year-end auxiliaries could be hired. The success is sure proof that Anne and Stefan were right.

Around 5,500 shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands currently stock ANKERKRAUT products. Supermarkets account for more than half of retail space. Many construction and barbecue shops, barbecue schools, butchers, delicatessens, wine depots and bulk shops now have Ankerkraut on their spice shelves. In addition, the company’s online store allows consumers to buy their favorite condiments anytime and from virtually anywhere. Because spices and spice combinations of such exceptional quality find valued customers worldwide.

Stefan Lemcke Ankerkraut Net Worth
Stefan Lemcke Ankerkraut Net Worth

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