Stefan Mros Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €6 million
Age: 46
Born: 11/26/1975
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Trumpeter, singer and TV presenter
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Stefan Mross was described as a child prodigy of folk music more than 30 years ago. The folk music icon Karl Moik turned the trumpeting boy into a star, even if the paths to the stage were often paved with stones.

early life

Stefan Mross grew up sheltered in Traustein / Upper Bavaria. His parents Eberhard and Stefanie as well as his older brother Klaus maintained a harmonious family life. After kindergarten and elementary school, he not only went to secondary school, but also to music school at the age of 11. The reason was an 11th birthday present: a trumpet.

Career and further life of the musician

In addition to the music school, he played in a music band, the youth band Jung-Otting. Mross was considered very talented at the time. With a lot of practice and perseverance, he managed to get a performance at a private wedding, where Karl Moik, the groom’s brother-in-law, was also present. Moik was enthusiastic about little Stefan and took him under his wing. At that time Stefan was only 13 years old. In Moik’s show “Wie die Alten sungen” Stefan was allowed to present himself to a television audience for the first time. In July 1989, in the same year, he won the Grand Prix of Folk Music for Austria with the title “Homesickness Melody”.

After the victory, the career of the Moik pupil picked up speed. Stefan finished school by taking his Abitur and went to the Salzburg Mozarteum, where he studied and received professional training.

When Stefan was just 19 years old, Stefanie Hertel came into his life. At first they both made music together very successfully. A young love developed from the close friendship, from which their daughter Johanna emerged in 2001. In 2006, the relationship was crowned with a romantic wedding.

The marriage only lasted until 2012. Mross quickly married production assistant Susanne Schmidt, and in 2016 he also divorced her. Two children were born of this marriage, a daughter and a son. Until the separation, Mross lived in Unterwössen, in the Upper Bavarian district of Traunstein.

He has been in a relationship with singer Anna-Carina Woitschack since April 2017. Stefan met her in the summer of 2016 during his Sunday TV show. In the “Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights” (ARD), he recently proposed to her.

highlights of his career

After Austria, Mross then represented Germany in 1994 at the Grand Prix of Folk Music. The title “Holy Mountains” (Montagne sante) brought him second place. Together with his partner at the time, Stefanie Hertel, you tried to get started in 1995 at the Grand Prix of Folk Music for Germany. With the title “A song for every ray of sunshine” they took second place again, like Stefan alone before. When he tried again to represent Germany in 2002, he didn’t make it to the final.

From now on, Mross was seen again and again in various television programs. He has played the trumpet very little for several years. In the meantime, he had his voice trained on the side. For several years he has been singing both solo and in duets, like Stefanie Hertel did at the time. TV shows and tours always show Stefan Mross performing with other artists. In 2009 he reached his 20th stage anniversary. To this end, he embarked on a major tour of Germany with his wife at the time.

Mross has been the permanent presenter of the ARD program “Always Again on Sundays” since 2005. This will be broadcast live from Europa-Park in Rust.

Famous quotes

Famous quotes are not conceivable for Stefan Mross, but a slogan. Throughout his life, Sundays again and again will bring him into contact with the ZDF television show of the same name. He always comes back on Sundays, he’s always there on Sundays.

Amazing Facts

In the summer of 2014, Stefan Mross got sick during a live broadcast. He collapsed in front of the camera. A curry sausage that was too hot was to blame for having to stop the moderation. Guido Cantz, who happened to be present, stepped in and moderated the show to the end.

Stefan Mross was publicly talked about several times. Again and again there were allegations that his playing on the trumpet was not real, but came from the tape. Since the musician is shown in music programs on television, but any musical accompaniment is played back, in the past hardly anyone could decide who recorded the trumpet. Alexandre Malempré therefore sued the Frankfurt district court for his recording rights in six pieces, in which Mross stated that he was the player and not Alexandre Malempré. After nine years, the process ended with an out-of-court settlement. Mross tried to redeem himself with a live performance. However, he did not play his piece flawlessly.

Stefan Mross has not been able to shake off an excitement to this day. Just three months after Stefanie’s divorce, Moik claimed on a TV show that Stefanie Hertel and Stefan Mross were forced into marriage to boost sales of their music projects. The allegations about the fraudulent marriage also made Stefanie difficult to create. The two of them will know best how it was in the end.

Again and again negative headlines were written about his excessive consumption of alcohol. Stefan Mross has withdrawn a lot in recent years.

Conclusion: In addition to all his private and professional antics, Stefan Mross is probably not the greatest musician of the century. Nevertheless, he manages to inspire millions of people in his concerts and especially in his television programs. Someone has to imitate him first.

Estimated value: €6 million