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Stefan Raab Net Worth in 2022 Career & Relationship

Stefan Raab Along with people like Dieter Bohlen, Günther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk, is one of the best-known TV personalities in the German-language entertainment business. He is known for shows like “TV Total” and “Beat the Raab”. Over the course of his career he has received 38 awards, awards and television awards for his work. At the end of 2015 he announced the end of his TV career. Below we clarify the question of how rich Stefan Raab is.

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How much money does Stefan Raab have in 2020?

Considering all available sources owns Stefan Raab in 2020 an estimated Net Worth of over 100 million dollars.

being current income is still around due to company contributions and television production activities in the background 500,000 to 1,000,000 dollars per year estimated. There has not yet been an official statement from Raab on this subject.

Sources of income from Stefan Raab

Stefan Raab: Sources of incomeThe TV star received a large part of his Net Worth from the German TV station Pro7, which paid him a high income. According to various reports, Raab’s company for the last 5-year contract exactly 185 million dollars have received what around 37 million dollars per year matters (Source accessed on 07/25/2019). This high sum is due to the enormous popularity of his former late-night show “TV-Total”, which was shown every month from 11 p.m. on Pro7 and provided heaps of entertainment. To date, there has not been a contract with a higher sum on German television.

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The Brainpool company did not make an official statement as to how much of these sums of money Stefan Raab would get. However, many rumors are circulating claiming that he is a part of around 5,000,000 dollars per year should have received.

His company was responsible for the following shows:

  • beat the celebrity
  • Beat the Raab
  • TV total
  • poker stars
  • Wok World Cup
  • Our star for Oslo

Own production company Raab-TV & holdings

“Raab TV” was founded in 1998 by Stefan Raab and is a subsidiary of “Brainpool”. According to the official Wikipedia article, Stefan Raab holds a 51% stake in the subsidiary “Raab-TV”, the remaining 49% of the shares belong to the parent company “Brainpool”. According to the entry in the commercial register, Raab also had 12.5% ​​company shares in Brainpool (until 2018).

Brainpool / Stefan Raab
Brainpool / Stefan Raab

In 2012, Brainpool generated a profit of 17.1 million dollars. According to official reports, 3 years later, in 2015, it was only 6.7 million dollars, which is not even half. In 2016, the profit surplus even fell to a sixth, i.e. 1.69 million dollars.

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The above data results in the following (estimated) profit shares in Brainpool for Stefan Raab:

Profit sharing 2012
around 8.7 million dollars
Profit sharing 2015
around 830,000 dollars
Profit sharing 2016
around 210,000 dollars

When he announced his retirement from the TV business in 2015, it was revealed that he had completely sold his 12.5% ​​stake in Brainpool to “Benijay”, a television producer from France. Raab made money from the sale 9.5 million dollarsbut he no longer receives a percentage of sales.

In the future, all production activities will only be handled by the subsidiary “Raab-TV”, in which he owns 51% of the shares. So he continues to make good money even after his retirement.

Entrepreneurial activities of Stefan Raab

Raab has not only worked as a presenter on television, but also occasionally as a music producer. At the end of 2009 he discovered the singer Lena-Meyer Landrut, who took first place in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 with her song “Satellite”. She then released her first album “My Cassette Player”, for which Stefan Raab took over the music production.

Doosh and Stefan Raab

In June 2013 he launched a self-developed and patented shower head called “Doosh”, with production and distribution being taken over by Butlers. The special thing about Doosh is that on the one hand it can produce a concentrated and a wide-ranging jet of water and thus does not get your hair wet. To this day, Raab earns a percentage of the income from each unit sold.

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We could not find any sources for the exact amount. We estimate his profit at about 50,000 dollars per month. (Information is pure speculation on the part of VermögensCheck)

Furthermore, according to a recent article in “BZ Berlin”, Raab (accessed on 07/27/19) also invest in concrete and own some real estate in the Cologne area. In 2018 and 2019, ProSieben, in cooperation with Stefan Raab, will host the show “The Thing of the Year” have produced. So he’s still working in the background.

The secret private life of Stefan Raab

No other celebrity keeps his private life as far from the public as Stefan Raab. Also about his Spouse Nike Raab little information is known to date. She has reportedly worked at the Brainbool TV production company since 1997. That’s how the two met. Media reports that Raab is said to live in a villa in Cologne (Hahnwald) with his two daughters. Neither the name nor the age of the daughters is known. The TV star always avoided questions from journalists and the media.

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